Our Stargate Atlantis styled shoot is featured on the Plans and Presents Blog!

Hi Everyone! Our Stargate Atlantis inspired styled wedding photo shoot has been featured again, this time on the Plans and Presents Blog! I hope you enjoy!

A gorgeous Stargate Atlantis wedding styled shoot with beautiful deep blue & jewel tones


Today I am thrilled to share this gorgeous Stargate Atlantis wedding styled shoot with beautiful deep blue & jewel tones.

Images were captured by Sweet Tea Moments with styling by Kimberly Lehman of Love, Laughter & Elegance with the collaboration of a fabulous creative team…

Kimberly says of the shoot…

This styled Stargate Atlantis wedding shoot was inspired by the science fiction themed television show which aired from 2004-2009 with a large international fan base.

The lead characters, Colonel John Sheppard and Teyla Emmagan had romantic feelings for each other, but never really acted upon them.

This is my interpretation of their wedding.

The photo shoot was produced at the Great Lakes Science Centre, in Cleveland, Ohio, a wonderful venue, full of all kinds of space, NASA, and science related exhibits.

When I envisioned the style of this photo shoot, I wanted to use lots of deep jewel tones: midnight blue, royal blue, emerald and jade green, gun metal grey and gold.

These colours are often featured throughout the episodes of the series, both in the sets and costumes.

I also wanted to use a location near a large body of water, in this case, Lake Erie, and the venue was the perfect blend of location, aesthetic, and space.

Our custom stationery suite giving an insight into this amazing themed day was designed by Sweet Tea Paper Co.

I wanted our models to resemble the characters of John Sheppard and Teyla Emmagan as closely as possible.

We had the models in two outfits, one more casual, and the other more formal.

In the first look, our Groom Joe wore a fitted black t-shirt and black trousers, similar to the everyday work attire of Col. John Sheppard.

Our Bride, Chula, was attired a little more formally, in a deep jade gown from Encore Resale Fashions, with a sparking star headband, and teal blue earrings and bracelet.

The necklace she wore featured a pendant that resembled the Stargate.

In the TV series, the Stargate is an intergalactic travel system, that was created by an ancient and advanced alien civilization.

Chulas gorgeous hairdo and beautiful natural make up was created by Heather O’Boyle Erman.

In the formal wedding attire, Joe wore a modern black tuxedo and preppy black bow tie, and custom made cufflinks, that resemble the Dial Home Device, or DHD, featured in the tv show. The DHD is the control device for the Stargate.

His wedding band was a two tone creation that had gold circular knot work in the middle.

Chula was resplendent in a soft off white gown that had a long pleated skirt, and embroidered bodice laden with crystals.

We finished her look with sparkling dangle earrings and bracelet, and a fingertip length veil trimmed in crystal beads.

Her rings were a solid band, and a delicate engagement ring of diamonds in a circular shape, which was reminiscent of the Stargate.

Since we used such rich colours in the decor, and the surroundings, I wanted to keep the floral colour scheme created by Cathryne’s Creative Details simple, but lush.

All white flowers were used in the bridal bouquet, boutonniere, dining table centrepiece, and small groupings.

The only touch of colours were the use of blue thistle, and a wide variety of greenery, including seeded eucalyptus.

The floral arrangements contained roses, peonies, and other small white flowers. The bridal bouquet used the same white flowers, and included a few King Protea blooms.

The dining table centrepiece featured a large gold double hoop design, and a lush floral garland that draped over the edges of the table.

Our three tier Stargate Atlantis Wedding cake was a gorgeous design, perfect for an intergalactic celebration and was designed by Eat Cake 216!

Covered in marbled fondant, and hand painted to look like the cosmos, it was too pretty to eat!

The cake featured hand painted constellations, including Pegasus, to represent the galaxy that the tv show takes place in, and is where Teyla’s character is from.

John’s character was also represented with the Big Dipper constellation, which is located in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The cake was topped with a handmade replica of the Stargate.

To compliment the cake and the galactic theme running through this shoot custom cookies by  Mad Celebrations Planning & PartyFunNalia made in the shape of moons, stars, and planets, with the character names of John and Teyla beautifully handwritten.

The cake was featured on two different tables, one full of personal detail items relating to the characters from the show, and then on a smaller table, in a more intimate setting with candles and the invitation suite, near the sweetheart table.

We set several beautiful tables for this Stargate Atlantis Wedding photo shoot.

The first table that we placed the cake on was covered in a full length gold sequin linen. I then added several items that were personal to the relationship of John and Teyla’s characters.

When the two first meet in the beginning episode of the series, Teyla asked John some questions in order to get to know him. He replied that he liked Ferris wheels and college football.

I came across a darling copper Ferris wheel, that was intended to hold cupcakes. I knew I had to use it in this feature, along with a football.

In the same episode, Teyla responded to John that her people, the Athosians, drank a stout tea each morning to brace themselves for the coming day.

I found a charming tea set with two cups on a small wooden tray that perfectly suited Teyla’s character. I added a small globe of Earth that reflected John’s home, and a copy of War and Peace.

In the series, each of the members of the Atlantis Expedition were allowed to bring one personal item with them from Earth. John Sheppard brought a copy of War and Peace.

His character’s reasoning was that if he was going to be away from home for such a long time, he might as well bring something that would take him as long to read.

I also added a small mission patch, like those that are found on uniforms, that was embroidered with the Atlantis Expedition logo.

It tied the whole table together, along with a few sprigs of greenery, blue thistle, and white roses and candles in small gold mercury glass votives.

The second table was the gorgeous guest dining table.

Draped with a luxurious dark blue satin tablecloth, and flanked by six white chairs with dark blue satin cushions, this was placed along a wall of tall windows, with a view overlooking the Cleveland Harbour on Lake Erie.

The dining table centrepiece featured a large gold double hoop design, and a lush floral garland that draped over the edges of the table. with lots of greenery and white blooms.

The tableware was a colourful mix of gold glass beaded charger plates, green glass dinner plates, and teal glass goblets.

The deep teal blue satin napkins at each place setting were bound with a gold ring, and a lovely star shaped napkin ring was placed on top for additional sparkle.

Large gold and glass lanterns flanked each corner of the table, with large creamy white pillar candles ablaze, creating a intimate, romantic effect.

Our sweetheart table was set in a quiet corner near the entrance of the John Glenn Visitor’s Centre, which is part of the Great Lakes Science Centre.

In this alcove, we placed the table for two against a large mural of a gorgeous sunset over water, much like a sunset you might see on the planet where the lost city of Atlantis was found.

There is also a very inspirational quote by John Glenn, that fit the mood of this shoot perfectly.

The table was covered in a dark blue satin tablecloth and a table runner with a sequinned gold circle pattern.

We used the same gold beaded glass chargers as the dining table, but added deep blue glass dinner plates, and vintage light blue glass saucers.

We added the deep teal satin napkins, dark blue glass goblets and smaller vintage dark green wine glasses.

To complete the look, we placed a small black wrought metal candelabra with votives on the table for extra romance.

Our second, smaller cake table was in front of a galactic sky mural, adjacent to the sunset and inspirational quote wall.

We covered this table with lush emerald green velvet, and another table runner with sequinned gold circles.

The cake was placed on a black pedestal stand, and a small arrangement of greenery, white roses and blue thistle adorned the base.

Two tall silver candlesticks with creamy taper candles stood alongside the cake, and blue and silver star shaped votives were scattered about the table for a dreamy effect.

Stargate Atlantis Wedding Shoot Vendors

Venue: Great Lakes Science Centre

Photography: Sweet Tea Moments

Event Planning, Tableware, Decor Items, Headpiece, Cuff Links, Necklace: Love, Laughter & Elegance Wedding & Event Planning 

Wedding Dress, Bridal Shoes, Bridesmaid’s Dress, Veil, Bracelet, Earrings, Wedding Ring: Encore Resale Fashions

Stationery Suite: Sweet Tea Paper Co.

Floral, Seating, Linens: Cathryne’s Creative Details

Cake: Eat Cake 216

Cookies: Mad Celebrations Planning & PartyFunNalia

Hair & Makeup: Heather O’Boyle Erman

Balloons: Designer Events by Fatena

Female Model: Chula DeJesus

Male Model: Joe Morales

Savedeep blue and jewel tone wedding detailsStargate Atlantis weddingStargate Atlantis wedding styled shoot

We have been featured on the Plans and Presents Wedding Blog!!

Hi Everyone! We are back! After so long of a pause due to the Pandemic, we are so happy to be producing events and articles again! Today, we are sharing a sweet summer styled wedding photo shoot that is so groovy and delicious in all of its color and details! We have been blessed to have our Strawberry Fields Forever styled shoot featured on the Plans and Presents wedding blog! Please Enjoy!


Strawberry Fields Forever ~ A fruity 70s inspired wedding styled shoot


Today I am excited to share Strawberry Fields Forever, a fruity 70s inspired wedding styled shoot with striking red, baby pink, and apple green details.

Images were captured by Tayana B Photography with styling by Kimberly Lehman of Love, Laughter & Elegance with the collaboration of a fabulous creative team…

Kimberly says of the shoot…

Strawberry Fields Forever is such a groovy theme for a summer wedding! Not only was it a popular song by the Beatles, it reminds us of a simpler time.

I might be a bit biased, as my parents were married in 1971 and I was born in 1973 but I love looking through wedding photos from the 1970’s, and bohemian type decor.

This era is very on-trend right now as inspiration for weddings and events so I wanted to incorporate the free spirited vibes of the decade, along with a delicious colour palette for this styled photo shoot.

I chose strawberry red, baby pink, and apple green, along with a whimsical red checkered pattern as the colours for this awesome shoot.

There was several sweet details featured in the shoot.

First, we had a live wedding painter, Studio Em Treasures, who created a beautiful custom piece of artwork of the ceremony setting.

We also had darling ribbon wands with our colors of pink, green, and white, created by Plume and Paper.

They also created the custom stationery suite for this groovy celebration of love.

Finally, we included our vintage record player, and original 45-rpm record of the Beatles’ “Strawberry Fields Forever”.

The album also made a cute setting for the wedding rings.

Our wedding couple, Dan and Fox Kaye, were a joy to work with, and to style. Dan’s personal style certainly looked like he stepped right out of the 1970’s.

He wore a classic black suit and white button down shirt, accented with a vintage 1970’s black velvet bow tie, strawberry printed dress socks, and strawberry shaped cuff links.

Fox Kaye wore a vintage 1970’s wedding gown, made of fluid crepe fabric.

The ivory gown featured a high neck and long sleeves, embellished with Battenburg lace, and a sheer teardrop shaped insert just below the neckline.

The vintage gown featured a unique Watteau train, which lay like a cape from the shoulder line in the back, and fell to a chapel train length.

To accessorise she also wore a very delicate gold necklace, with a tiny strawberry charm.

Fox Kayes hair was styled in long simple waves, with a small birdcage veil pinned at the crown.

The veil was accented by a vintage hair comb, decorated with a strawberry and small white flowers. Her complete vintage look was utterly charming.

The florals for the shoot were spectacular.

Bouquet Studio created two amazing freestanding pieces for our ceremony area, triangular in shape, with a little curve towards the top.

They just met the bottom fringes of the large macrame hanging we used as our ceremony focal point, provided by Lavender and Lace Event Rentals.

Our dining table centerpiece was lush and full, in a lovely vintage, white milk glass compote vase.

Dan’s boutonniere was comprised of a strawberry red zinnia and small pink bridal protea.

Fox Kaye’s hand-tied bouquet was a beautiful mix of dahlias, ranunculus, small bridal protea, anemones, daisies, and roses.

We added pink carnations and small white daisies to the three tiered wedding cake, to complement the theme of the shoot. In both the centerpiece and the ceremony arrangements, several types of flowers and greenery were used.

Those pieces included white O’Hara garden roses, zinnias, dahlias, scabiosa, bridal protea, anemone, pokeberry, ranunculus, stock, daisies, carnations, parvofolia eucalyptus, silver dollar eucalyptus, Italian ruscus, seeded eucalyptus, boxwood, and raspberry leaves.

This groovy shoot had two beautiful tablescapes.

Our dining table was set for six special guests. The table was covered in a floor length strawberry red linen, and the table runner was a bright white, featuring diagonal rows of contrasting trims.

The vintage chairs were an eclectic mix of styles, adorned with contrasting tied chair sashes in solid strawberry red and red gingham.

Our place settings were a gorgeous mix of vintage pink, green and clear glassware, rose gold charger plates, and vintage china with hand painted strawberries and flowers.

The vintage silverware pieces were crafted with a delicate floral pattern. For a final pop pf colour, we rolled alternating cloth napkins in baby pink, apple green, and red gingham.

The napkins were wrapped with vintage ceramic strawberry napkin rings.

The laser cut place cards were created by Plume and Paper, and were secured in darling little white ceramic holders.

They also created the unique acrylic table number. Our dining table centerpiece was lush and full, in a lovely vintage, white milk glass compote vase.

Our second display featured our yummy desserts.

On a large white vintage baking rack, we draped a vintage white tablecloth with an embroidered strawberry design.

On the first shelf, we placed our vintage beverage dispenser filled with freshly made pink lemonade, and our darling three tier wedding cake.

On the second shelf, we displayed a larger “love” sign that matched the cake topper, and a gold mirrored tray filled with yummy frosted cut out cookies that matched our theme.

On the top shelf of the rack, vintage pink glassware completed our sweet dessert display.

The baking rack was flanked by two vintage white wicker chairs with red and white gingham pillows, and a classic picnic basket with a checkered cloth.

To complete the styling of the Strawberry Fields Forever shoot was the magnificent cake and cookies.

Our cake was a delightful, airy, three tiered confection, perfect for a summer wedding.

Created by Eat Cake 216, the bottom layer was covered in white buttercream rosettes. The middle tier was frosted in the palest shade of mint green, and dusted with sugar crystals.

The top tier was simply covered in smooth white frosting.  Hand crafted strawberries were placed on each tier for a cascading effect.

We added pink carnations and small white daisies as well for a sweet complement to the strawberries. Our gold painted “love” cake topper was created in a font and style often seen in the 1970’s.

The cake looked amazing on the vintage baker’s rack, next to a refreshing container of fresh-squeezed lemonade, and gorgeous decorated cut-out cookies.

The cookies were created by Anchor and Bows bakery, and decorated with hearts, daisies, strawberries and peace signs.

Shoot Vendors

Venue – Beck Farms

Photography – Tayana B Photography  

Event Planning / Linens / Tableware / Decor – Love Laughter & Elegance

Dress & Headpiece – Love Laughter & Elegance

Veil – Over The Moon Bridal 

Wedding Ring / Jewellery/Accessories – Love Laughter & Elegance 

Grooms Bow Tie / Cufflinks / Socks – Love Laughter & Elegance http://www.lovelaughterelegance.wordpress.com

Floral – Bouquet Studio

Stationery / Place Cards / Table Numbers & Holders/ Handmade Items / Ribbon Wands – Plume and Paper 

Wedding Cake – Eat Cake 216 

Cookies – Anchor & Bows Bakery 

Rentals  – Lavender & Lace Rentals

Makeup – The Emma Kat Make Up Artistry and Esthetics

Painter – Studio Em Treasures

Groom Model – Daniel McKinnon  / Bride Model – Fox Kaye

Model – Sammy Kay Smith Charli Veronica Cate McNeal / Paige Lamp

Save70s inspired wedding shootPhotography – Tayana B Photographyretro weddingStrawberry Fields Forever

We have been featured in Published! The Creative Entrepreneurs’ Magazine!

We have been blessed to have an interview featured in the inaugural issue of Published! The Creative Entrepreneur’s Magazine!!  We would like to thank Vincent Natasha Gay for sharing your story, and Samantha Lapointe for publishing it.  Photos are by Jeffrey Tadlock Photography. The first issue is gorgeous!  Feel free to check it out.  We are on pages 10-15.  Congratulations to all featured in it!

Interview with Vincent – Natasha Gay

We were featured in Bridal Guide!!

Recently, we submitted one of the amazing photo galleries from our 1950’s Vintage Romance styled wedding photo shoot to Bridal Guide.  I am happy to say that one of our photos were selected as part of a feature titled “25 Stellar Summer Centerpieces”.  

Low Centerpieces

Photo credit:  Spurrell Photography

Location:  Arrowhead Golf and Event Center

Floral Centerpiece:  Liz Nidy Floral Design

Stationery Suite:  Bellus Designs

Table Design:  Love, Laughter & Elegance: Wedding & Event Planning


If you would like to check out another fantastic gallery from our 1950’s Vintage Romance styled wedding photo shoot, with a complete list of vendors, please visit On the Go Bride.  Enjoy!!

We have been featured on On The Go Bride!!

We have been blessed to have our 1950s Vintage Romance styled wedding photo shoot featured on the On The Go Bride blog!  This styled photo shoot was created especially for the Arrowhead Golf & Event Center, in North Canton, Ohio.  I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane!




Who loves all things vintage? *raises hand* So does Kimberly of Love, Laughter & Elegance: Wedding & Event Planning. When she was asked to plan a styled shoot for Arrowhead Golf & Event Center in North Canton, Ohio, she knew exactly how she wanted to design it:

“I am obsessed with all things vintage. Especially the 1950’s era. I love the music, red lipstick, fluffy skirts and gloves on ladies, and classic clean-cut looks on the gentlemen. It was a simpler time, full of glamour and style. This retro-inspired theme immediately came to mind, full of bright colors and fun. The main colors used were cherry red and aqua blue, with a touch of baby pink and white to accent. We added polka dots, cherries and blue birds into the design scheme for a few fun touches. We also incorporated vintage clothing and accessories, and rocked it out!”

The Details

“Many of the decor items featured in this styled shoot are vintage items from the 1950’s. I wanted to give this shoot a truly authentic retro, but very fun, feel. This timeless theme carries over well into the modern age. The floral arrangements were created based on flowers commonly used in 1950’s weddings. The stationery suite was created especially for this event, mirroring the bright colors and fun polka dots in our table settings. There was also a subtle theme of cherries, hearts, and bluebirds of happiness running through our accessories and decor items. Overall, the vibe was very happy and dreamy, as a wedding day should be.”

The Attire

“Our models donned several different looks for this styled shoot. Our handsome male model, Kyle, wore a off white tuxedo jacket, white button down shirt, and slim-fitting black trousers for the entire shoot. We accented his classic 1950’s look with dark dress socks with a cherry design. Kyle wore two different ties, the first being a classic creme bow tie with cherries printed on it, and the second being a long red and white striped satin tie. He also wore two different pocket squares in his jacket, the first an aqua blue plaid with birds printed on the one corner, and the second being a dark red with a yellow paisley design. Kyle also wore vintage cuff links to complete his stylish ensemble. Very dashing.

Our stunning bridal model, Sammy Kay, is one of those ladies that looks fabulous in everything she wears, and has timeless features that you never forget. We had several vintage looks for Sammy for this styled photo shoot. The first outfit was a vintage tea-length ivory satin dress, with an asymmetrical neckline, pleated waist, and full skirt. We added a custom ivory satin sash, with a large bow and rolled satin roses. We wanted to give her a pop of color with her dress, so we added the red petticoat underneath. The underskirt peeked out below the hem at different times during the shoot, and looked amazing. Her jewelry included a red glass beaded bracelet with cherry charm, cherry earrings, and a red pendant necklace. Her rings were a vintage wedding set belonging to my grandmother. To complete her fun wedding day look, we added a romantic red lace birdcage veil, red Mary Jane heels, vintage ivory lace gloves with red trim, and a vintage red leather clutch purse.

Sammy’s second look of the day was just as romantic. She wore a vintage 1940’s tea-length lace wedding dress, that was simply elegant. For extra sparkle, we added a beaded belt, a pearl bracelet, and glittery gold heels. in her hair, we placed an ivory floral fascinator that framed her dark curls perfectly.

For Sammy’s final outfit, we imagined that she and Kyle were heading out for a formal, romantic evening during their honeymoon. Sammy wore a floor-length strapless red satin ballgown that flowed wonderfully while she and Kyle were waltzing. We added a sparkling ribbon belt to accent her waist, ivory opera-length fingerless gloves, and classic pearl and rhinestone jewelry. To complete her outfit, she wore a creme vintage cardigan sweater, trimmed in matching sequins, and a flirty little ivory birdcage veil. Sammy’s purse was a fun clutch style with a cherry pattern of cherries on gingham.”

Vendor Love

Designer & Event Planner: Kimberly Lehman of Love, Laughter & Elegance: Wedding & Event Planning Contributions: event planning, linens, wedding cake, favors, tableware, decor items,cupcakes, accessories, wedding rings, bridal garter, fashion styling, vintage ivory silk wedding dress, vintage blue bridesmaid dress and headpiece, blue pocket square, groom’s socks, cufflinks, ties, groom’s jacket

Venue: Arrowhead Golf & Event Center
Contributions: venue, chair covers

Photographer: Courtney Paige Photography

Floral: Liz Nidy Floral Design

Stationery Suite: Bellus Designs

Models: Sammy Kay Smith, Sarah Riddle, Kyle Burnett

Alterations & Bridal Sash: Lorili Design – Laurie Wallick

Handmade Items: Seasonal Accent – Jacqueline Kinsinger
Contributions: sign on cake table, small heart hanger with red ribbon

Veils: Over The Moon Bridal – Jenette McGiffin
Contributions: red lace and white birdcage veils

Vintage Truck: D. Hawthorn

Jewelry: Paparazzi Accessories – Samantha Guna

Clothing: English Rose Vintage Oh – Jacqueline Kinsinger
Contributions: 1940s vintage lace wedding dress, 1950s vintage lace wedding dress, ivory and red fascinators, bride’s shoes, cardigan sweater and clutch purse, dark pocket square

(all other clothing items not mentioned belonged to the models or Kimberly Lehman)

We have been featured on Montages For You!!

We have been blessed to be featured along with other event planners in a blog post on Montages For You!  I hope you enjoy!


Top 10 Reasons to Hire an Event Planner

Congratulations! You have something wonderful to celebrate. It may be a wedding, a bar or bat mitzvah, anniversary, birthday or other special event.

Celebrating life’s special moments with family and friends is one of the greatest joys for many. So where do you start?

Reasons To Hire An Event Planner

Some people love planning all the details and others are completely overwhelmed with so many decisions to be made.

Many people have a vision, but just don’t have the time to research options with the demands of everyday life.

Planning an event on your own can be one of the most stressful things you’ll do – and that is where event planners can come to the rescue.

We asked event planning experts from across the country for the top reasons why you should hire an event planner for your upcoming celebration. This is what they said:

Why You Should Hire An Event Planner

  1. Save Time
  2. Save Money
  3. Reduce Stress
  4. Have More Fun
  5. Experience
  6. Process
  7. Smile More
  8. Personal Advocate
  9. Knowledge
  10. Creativity

Save Time

“A planner will cut down the time every single step in the planning process will take you. Their relationships and industry connections will save you hours and HOURS of researching, contacting vendors, going back and forth on details and thinking of those little things that you don’t know to ask. A good planner can also save you money by connecting you with the right vendors at the right price points, as well as provide special vendor-only discounts.”

Brynne Magaziner

Based in the DC metropolitan area

Pop Color Events

Brynne Magaziner


Save Money

“Many times I am able to save my clients money and time because I know where to purchase things for a better price and I can negotiate with venues and other vendors on their behalf. Also, because I work with so many vendors I know which vendors will fit their budget and vision the best.”

Ramesh (Yaffa) Soleymani

Serving Chicago and North Shore area

Couture Event Planning


Reduce Stress

“Working with a planner can save a family time, money, and a lot of extra stress. We love checklists, and will go over them thoroughly to make sure that the client will have everything they need for the celebration. We are prepared to handle many different situations as they arise during the planning process and the event itself. We think on our feet, think outside of the box, and make sure the client and their guests have a truly memorable celebration experience.”

Kimberly Lehman

Based in Canton, Ohio

Love, Laughter & Elegance: Wedding & Event Planning

Kimberly Lehman


Have More Fun!

“One of the best benefits is that on event day, they get to enjoy the day’s events without stress or responsibility or worry. There are no set up or break down tasks to worry about. They get to enjoy the fun stuff.”

Tanya Costigan

Serving Southern New England

Tanya Costigan Events

Tanya Costigan Events



“Planners are thinking about events every day. It’s their full-time job, so they know all the many tasks that need to be done at specific points throughout the planning process.”

Janice Blackmon

Serving clients in Atlanta, Orlando & Sarasota/Tampa Bay, FL areas as well as destination planning.

Janice Blackmon Events



“We are very knowledgeable in respect to the process of planning an event. We know everything that needs to be done, from venue, theme, invitation details, event design, and vendor coordination such as hiring caterers, rentals, florists, photographers, etc. We would save them time & money through these processes.”

Allison Welch

Based in Denver, Colorado

As You Wish Colorado

As You Wish Event Planner


Smile More

“We are there to make sure we do everything possible to have our clients and their guests smiling and having the best time of their lives. We work with all the vendors to create “magic” based on the client’s vision and budget.”

Amanda Hudes

Based in New Jersey Serving clients in PA/NJ/NY/CT

Smiling Through Chaos

Amanda Hudes


Personal Advocate

“Events should totally represent the best of a couple or host, showcasing their personalities, experiences, and extraordinary bond to one another, therefore I provide oversight and execution while being my client’s personal advocate with their vendors.”

Ruth Bajimi

Serving clients in Travis County Texas

SPC Event Management

Ruth Bajimi



“Working with us, or someone like us, gives peace of mind to the couples. We know the industry, the best locations, we can generally access little “extras” (working with preferred vendors has its perks). We have knowledge of venues that the couple may not know about from using Google and we know the industry well.”

Shannon Mackenzie

Planning events in Cancun, Riviera Maya, and other parts of Mexico & Canadian Rocky Mountains

Riviera Reflections Weddings & Events



“Planners help come up with creative solutions and present ideas you may have never thought of. They assist in any emergencies or last minute changes. My job is to create the most inviting atmosphere with the least amount of stress and create a memory that will last a lifetime. I think anybody can plan an event however it may not go as smoothly, or have the special little touches without a planner.”

Alyssa Belanger

Serving clients in Arizona

The Event Genies

Amanda Belanger


While it’s never too late to hire a planner, and many offer “day of” services, all our event planning experts agreed that it’s better to bring them into the planning process as early as possible.

If you want to enjoy your celebration and not be stressed out about the details, hiring a planner is the best way to go.