Christi and Chris’s Edisto Beach, SC Wedding – June 1st, 2015


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Christi and Chris were referred to us by a mutual friend.  When we met, I learned that they were a sweet, and very busy professional couple.  They wanted to get married in their favorite vacation spot, Edisto Beach, South Carolina.  They wanted to know if I had planned any destination weddings before, and would I be willing to travel to their chosen location.  I answered “of course!” to both questions.  We began planning their wedding from there.

We chose a seaside theme, with shells, and a color combination of turquoise blue, black, silver and white.  We had a lot of customized details, including the gift bags for the guests, and the table settings for the wedding dinner.  The couple had a sand blending ceremony, and the local ice cream truck even stopped at the house during the reception!  It was a beautiful day, full of love, family and friends.  It was a pleasure to work with Christi and Chris!


Wedding Cake and Cupcakes:  Gala Desserts

Table and Chair Rentals:  Event Works Rentals

Rehearsal Dinner:  Waterfront Restaurant

Officiant:  Sophie Sanders

Bridal Gown Alterations:  Laurie Wallick, Lorili Design


 Below are a few of the pictures from their wedding.  You can find the full album of pictures on our Facebook page:



























Turquoise and Yellow Candy Buffet for Shaunta’s Wedding


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We had the pleasure of providing a custom candy buffet for Shaunta’s wedding in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, on Friday, July 3rd.  We coordinated colors to match those of the wedding party:  turquoise, yellow, silver and white.  We provided a mix of candies, including Mary Janes, Bit ‘o Honey, chocolate covered peanuts, Pixi Sticks, blue raspberry licorice, mints, York Peppermint Patties, milk straws, Tootsie Rolls, butterscotch drops, and other favorites.  The candy buffet was a huge it!  Below are some pictures from the event.  Enjoy!

Kim and Jeff’s Kate Spade Inspired Wedding in Vermilion, Ohio!!


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Last Saturday we had the honor of coordinating the wedding of Kim and Jeff in Vermilion, Ohio.  The weather was perfect, and the bridal party was gorgeous!  Below are the pictures from Julina Marie Photography’s blog.  Enjoy!


Kate Spade Wedding Vermillion Ohio_0483.jpgKate Spade Wedding Vermillion Ohio_0484.jpgKate Spade Wedding Vermillion Ohio_0486.jpgKate Spade Wedding Vermillion Ohio_0488.jpgKate Spade Wedding Vermillion Ohio_0503.jpgKate Spade Wedding Vermillion Ohio_0504.jpgKate Spade Wedding Vermillion Ohio_0490.jpgKate Spade Wedding Vermillion Ohio_0491.jpgKate Spade Wedding Vermillion Ohio_0492.jpgKate Spade Wedding Vermillion Ohio_0494.jpgKate Spade Wedding Vermillion Ohio_0495.jpgKate Spade Wedding Vermillion Ohio_0493.jpgKate Spade Wedding Vermillion Ohio_0496.jpgKate Spade Wedding Vermillion Ohio_0497.jpgKate Spade Wedding Vermillion Ohio_0498.jpgKate Spade Wedding Vermillion Ohio_0499.jpgKate Spade Wedding Vermillion Ohio_0500.jpgKate Spade Wedding Vermillion Ohio_0501.jpgKate Spade Wedding Vermillion Ohio_0517Kate Spade Wedding Vermillion Ohio_0506.jpgKate Spade Wedding Vermillion Ohio_0518Kate Spade Wedding Vermillion Ohio_0505.jpgKate Spade Wedding Vermillion Ohio_0515.jpgKate Spade Wedding Vermillion Ohio_0509.jpgKate Spade Wedding Vermillion Ohio_0510.jpgKate Spade Wedding Vermillion Ohio_0516.jpg

Kate Spade Wedding Vermillion Ohio_0511.jpg

Dress Shop & Designer: A Brides Design

Florist: Tiffany’s Flowers and Gifts at Old Town Hall

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Vermilion on the Lake

Wedding Day-of-Coordinator: Kimberly Lehman

DJ/ Entertainment Services: Musik Masters

Cake: Kierdowskis

Catering: The Beautiful Flame

Bridesmaids Dresses: Donna Morgan –

Groomsmen and Groom attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Invitations: Made by the Bride!

Please list any other vendors that were a part of your big day!
Infocus PhotoBooths

Honeymoon location: Puna Cana, DR

The Hitched Wedding was featured on the!


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The Hitched Wedding, of which we were a part of the event team, has been featured on the!  We were so honored to be a part of this event!  The couple, Ben and Samantha, were a dream to work with, and it was easily one of the most beautiful weddings we have ever seen.  The vendor team is full of some of the finest wedding professionals in Northeast Ohio, and engaged couples working with any of these companies should rest easy, that their wedding is in great hands!

For the Hitched Wedding, we provided event coordination and vendor support, as well as the custom favors for the guests, gifts for the bridal party, and a few of the decorations, including the thank-you sign on the gift table.  Be sure to check out the pictures by Ben and Jodi Photography, absolutely gorgeous!

Check out the link to the post on the’s website, and please feel free to contact us to help you make your wedding or event just as magical!  Cheers!

We have been featured on the Friday Brides Blog! Check it out!


We have been featured this week on the Friday Brides Blog!  Check it out!

We have been nominated again as Akron-Canton’s Best Wedding Planner!


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We have been so blessed by our friends, colleagues and clients!  We have been nominated, again, as Akron-Canton’s Best Wedding Planner of 2015!

We would be forever grateful, if you could take a moment, please, and click the link below to vote for us.  We love you all, and thank you for your support!



For Current and Former Military Couples: Enter this Dream Wedding Giveaway!

Hello Everyone!  I came across this posting on Facebook earlier today, for a fantastic Dream Wedding Giveaway, for current and former military couples!  

Follow the link, and enter today!  Good luck!

Azia & Hondo’s Wedding – 1/4/14


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We had the pleasure of planning Azia and Hondo’s wedding, which took place at the Cardome Center in Georgetown, KY, on January 4th, 2014.  This was definitely a celebration of love!  Enjoy!



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Pink and Gold Baby Sprinkle!


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We recently had the pleasure of planning a Baby Sprinkle for our dear friend, Ashley Ward, of Geneva Mae Photography.  You may remember that we planned the Alice in Wonderland baby shower for Ashley a few years ago, when she was expecting her second child, Tierney.

A Baby Sprinkle is much like a traditional baby shower, except that the parents usually already have the larger items needed for a baby, like a crib, high chair, bouncer, etc.  A Sprinkle gives the Mommy-to-be smaller gifts, like diapers, outfits, blankets, and items to pamper both mother and child.  Just a “sprinkling” of items to celebrate the new life entering the world.

For this event, celebrating Ashley’s third child, a daughter to be named Tabitha, we planned a simple pink and gold theme.  Ashley wanted to keep the atmosphere relaxed, so we held the Sprinkle at a local restaurant.  We planned some games and activities to keep conversation and laughter flowing.  Below are some pictures of the fun afternoon!  Enjoy!

Wedding Season is here! Are you ready? Hire us to help you!!



Wedding Season is here!  Are you ready?  Don’t panic, we can help you navigate the waters!  Contact us today at 330-313-6030 or email us at  Cheers!


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