Feelings of Fall – An Inspiration Board




Autumn is right around the corner!  I know what you are thinking, it’s just the middle of the summer, but soon enough, the kids will be trading shorts and t-shirts for school uniforms and sidewalk chalk for pencils and notebook paper.  But I love autumn, it’s my favorite time of year.  I love crisp days, with all the different colored leaves on the trees, and potted mums everywhere.  I enjoy high school football games, apple and pumpkin picking, and other events of the season. 

Autumn is when I think Mother Nature does her best work, with such a rich pallet of colors to choose from:  red, burgundy, gold, apricot, orange, hunter green, and chocolate brown.  Some of the most visually striking events can also be created with these colors.  Weddings, rehearsal dinners, harvest celebrations, and of course, bridal and baby showers.  A good friend of mine is expecting later this year, so we are planning her shower for the middle of the fall, using a theme of Rustic Elegance.  We ideally want to hold the shower in an old barn, with lots of textural details: pumpkins, apples, candles, cozy fabrics, rich foods, and lots of fragrant flowers and leaves.  I hope this serves as inspiration for your own celebration.  Enjoy!!


Classic Elegance – An Inspiration Board

“Everything old is new again”, “vintage”, “retro”, or even “what goes around comes around”.  These are phrases you may hear or think of when it comes to planning a vintage or victorian inspired wedding.  With a simple, yet striking and sophisticated, black and white or ivory color scheme, it goes to show that basic is not boring, and neutrals are never out of style.  In this inspiration board, I have used several accessories, such as the feather fascinator, and the detailed ring pillow, to demonstrate that the smallest details can make a stylish impact.  You could add a pop of bright color to break up the black and white, such as lime green, taxicab yellow, or fushia.  Or you could soften this pallete with the palest shades of pink, blue, or lavender.  The results will be visually arresting, and highly memorable.  Enjoy!!

Monkeying Around – An Inspiration Board!

Monkeying Around Inspiration Board

Ooo!! Ooo!!  Ahhhh!!  We’re monkeying around today!!  Seriously though, I love  the idea of a monkey-themed party!  This works well for a baby shower or a child’s birthday party.  So well, in fact, I found lots of great ideas online for party games, decorations, and food.  So I put a few of my favorites together in this inspiration board, to serve as a springboard for the baby shower I am planning for the end of this month.  Should be a fun affair!!  Details to follow soon.  Enjoy!!

Open Discussion – Football Weddings?

Rah! Rah! Rah!  Sis Boom Bah!  Go Team!! 

It’s football season once again!  I love this time of year, with the cooler temps and leaves changing colors.  High school football is in full swing, and that means tailgates, hot dogs, and cold drinks.  I have often thought about having clients that would like a sports themed wedding.  Since I live in Massillon, Ohio, home of the famous Tigers, it’s kind of hard not to imagine the possibilities.  Canton is also nearby, as well as being close to Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and several great colleges and universities with football programs. 

Therefore, I would like to post an open discussion, where you, the reader, can add your thoughts and ideas to this theme.  What kind of decorations would you use?  What kinds of food would you serve?  What would you wear?  What favors would you give your guests, and what kind of entertainment would you have?  All ideas and comments are welcome!  Have fun with this!  Enjoy!


Picture credit:  (http://www.magicalday.com/Cake_Toppers/Football/football_small.jpg)

Light up the Night!

I found this little gem on Bridalwave this morning!  These would be a great addition to a summer garden party or wedding, or even as ambience in a darkened restaurant.  Enjoy!

Miniature table-top wine glass lamps

wineglass lamps.jpg

Isn’t this just a wonderful idea? The tiny lampshades sit on your wine glasses, transforming them into nightlights to give a gentle and romantic glow. If you’re planning on a spring and summer wedding with an outdoor element, I can see these working particularly well – but they can be used indoors, too. Why not use them to create mood lighting during your ceremony, then remove the candles to return the glasses to their usual function once the celebrations begin?

You can buy an assorted pack of three shades for €12 at Charles & Marie, but if you want a large number, making your own may be more cost-effective. There’s a pattern available here that shows you how.

[Via Casa Sugar]

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Source:  (http://www.bridalwave.tv/2009/02/table-top_wine.html)

Brides Magazine has gone Postal!!

I found this little gem on BizBash Washington D. C..  This is a totally cute idea for shower and bachelorette party invitations and favors, and for those of us who are collectors of all things bridal and fabulous!!  Enjoy!!



For Useful Gifts, Brides Goes Postal
Brides magazine's gift bags included a sheet of customized photo stamps.
Brides magazine’s gift bags included a sheet of customized photo stamps.
Photo: BizBash

Customized photo stamps aren’t new, and postage might sound like a common enough item, but how often do you receive a gift bag with something truly useful? Carolyn Chauncey, executive director of creative services at Brides magazine, chose to include stamps adorned with an assortment of past covers for the publication’s 75th anniversary celebration last Wednesday. Guests departed with a bag that included a sheet of 10 authentic U.S. Postal Service stamps (each with a value of 62 cents, a nod to the higher cost of postage for wedding invites). How’s that for an inexpensive, thoughtful, and effective way for attendees to remember your event? 

  —Mark Mavrigian

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Chemistry of Love – An Inspiration Board

Chemistry of Love Inspiration Board


Scientists are an underrepresented group, in my opinion.  They provide the most up to date advances in technology, medicine, environmental sciences, and other fields.  Our quality of life would not be the same without them.  That being said, I was moved to create an inspiration board with subtle science influences, without being too over the top.   I wanted the mood to be modern and crisp, but not stuffy.   The look is softened with lots of fresh flowers and floaty fabrics.  I have titled it “The Chemistry of Love.” 

No matter what scientific field a couple may work in, there are many ways to incorporate their passion into their wedding celebration.  For example, a wedding could be held at a museum of science or natural history.  The building pictured in the board is the National Inventors Hall of Fame and Museum in Akron, Ohio.  This awesome venue is located in downtown Akron, right alongside the campus of the University of Akron, which is known world wide for its program of Polymer Science.  The wedding ring is engraved with binary numbers, ones and zeros.  This would be especially meaningful for those couples marrying in 2010 or 2011.  The cufflinks for the groom and the male members of the wedding party, if you look closely, are made from computer keyboard keys.  And, yes, the groom is wearing a lab coat!  However, you can keep the look more traditional by having the gentlemen wear white or ivory dinner jackets with black bow ties.  Centerpieces and individual buds of flowers can be placed in test tubes and beakers, which can also be grouped together for a unique look.  I have also seen pictures of “curtain walls” of flowers hung in test tubes on individual ropes of crystals or invisible threads. Standing alone, or with fabric and lighting behind them, the overall effect is stunning.

Stationery is another element of the wedding celebrations that can incorporate a couple’s passions.  Your guest book can be sheets on a clip board, complete with statistics.   You could place a microscope next to it with slides of your engagement pictures for your guests to enjoy.  What a conversation starter that would be!   The “save the dates” and invitations can reflect official scientific documents that include graphs, charts, anything you can think of.  You could send your invites in test tubes, and give out imprinted slide rules or calculators for favors.  Don’t forget to add little bundles of # 2 pencils with your names and wedding date.  The options are endless!

These are just some ideas off the top of my head.  I hope you will share some of your own creative ideas as well.  Enjoy!