Ladies…Will you be the one to pop the question in ’08?

This little gem is from Bridalwave, a site from the UK.  I thought it was quite charming.  Enjoy!

Ladies, are you going to propose in 2008?

As 2008 is a Leap Year and features the four-yearly occurence of 29th February, now’s supposedly the time for all forthright ladies to be planning to propose to their beaus.Ok, we all know it’s a bit of rubbish but at least it’s a sweet tradition. It all dates back to 1288 when Scottish law officially sanctioned women proposing and if rejected they were able to claim anything from a kiss to £1 or a silk gown – just add inflation into that and think of the riches!

“While February 29th is traditionally the day when women can propose on a Leap Year, Valentine’s Day is also the time when the fellas get down on one knee – but we reckon the shoe will be on the other foot this year, as girls exercise their traditional Leap Year right to propose,” says Debenhams Wedding Insurance spokeswoman Diane Jackson. Debenham’s data already shows that vastly more women than men organise a wedding (61.8% in 2006, compared to 38.2% men and 62.9% women in 2007 with 37.1% men). So, could it be that women will now have to organise the engagement this year too? And will you be one of them?