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Proposals of all kinds! How will you ask?

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Ladies…Will you be the one to pop the question in ’08?

This little gem is from Bridalwave, a site from the UK.  I thought it was quite charming.  Enjoy!

Ladies, are you going to propose in 2008?

As 2008 is a Leap Year and features the four-yearly occurence of 29th February, now’s supposedly the time for all forthright ladies to be planning to propose to their beaus.Ok, we all know it’s a bit of rubbish but at least it’s a sweet tradition. It all dates back to 1288 when Scottish law officially sanctioned women proposing and if rejected they were able to claim anything from a kiss to £1 or a silk gown – just add inflation into that and think of the riches!

“While February 29th is traditionally the day when women can propose on a Leap Year, Valentine’s Day is also the time when the fellas get down on one knee – but we reckon the shoe will be on the other foot this year, as girls exercise their traditional Leap Year right to propose,” says Debenhams Wedding Insurance spokeswoman Diane Jackson. Debenham’s data already shows that vastly more women than men organise a wedding (61.8% in 2006, compared to 38.2% men and 62.9% women in 2007 with 37.1% men). So, could it be that women will now have to organise the engagement this year too? And will you be one of them?


Top Places to Propose Marriage…

Our journey takes us this time to the city of Massillon, where you can find several unique locations for that once-in-a-lifetime marriage proposal.  Please consider the following:


This is one of my favorite locations in town, the Lions Lincoln Theatre. 

“The Lincoln Theatre opened Tuesday, November 23, 1915 as Massillon’s new movie house built by Massillonian John McLain and Canton architect Guy Tilden. It was considered the finest moving picture house in Ohio. The theatre was managed by F. C. Kelly and showcased the films of the Triangular Film Corporation.

The Schine Bros. took over the theatre in 1927 and installed a Style EX Opus 1560 Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ. In 1931,the theatre management changed to the Warner Brothers and the Wurlitzer theatre organ was removed in 1938.

Closed as a movie house in 1975, it was later purchased by the Massillon Industrial Development Foundation and the Ten Star Theatre in 1977. The Lions Club of Massillon purchased the dilapidated theatre in 1982 to save it from demolition. Major renovations by the Lions have helped to preserve this historic landmark.

Weekly movies and community events are presented and the theatre is staffed by Lions Club volunteers. Please check the community calendar for weekend movie listings.”

(Context source:

For more information, please check out:

Next on our tour is another beautiful location, nestled in the heart of the historic 4th Street, the Massillon Women’s Club:

Massillon, OH : This is the Five Oaks Historic Home in Massillon, Ohio.  Built between 1892 and 1894, the building is now home to the Massillon's Women's Club.

The Massillon Heritage Foundation, Inc., was founded in December 1975, as a charitable, non-profit organization to carry on preservation and restoration. Its immediate responsibility has been Five Oaks or the Massillon Woman’s Club.Five Oaks was designed by the noted Cleveland architect Charles F. Schweinfurth and built 1892-1894 for Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter McClymonds at a cost of $200,000. The name was adopted from five oak trees that stood on the lawn. An oak motif, employing designs of the acorn, leaf, and tree, is used extensively in the house. Five Oaks is a treasure in historic Massillon for all to experience.

For more information, please check out:

Another location is very popular with local sports fans, Paul Brown Stadium, home to Washington High School’s famous football team, the Tigers.  The rivalry between the Massillon Tigers and the Canton McKinley Bulldogs is over a century old, and well-known around the country.  Beyond that, the stadium is one of the premier athletic facilities in the country for high school football.  The atmosphere is always exciting.

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There are a few museums as well that would make great locations for proposals:

The Massillon Museum is located right in the middle of the downtown district, with various greens, memorials, and city government buildings surrounding it.  This wonderful tribute to the city’s rich and diverse history makes it a very special place to celebrate this moment in your lives.

Massillon Museum

For more information, please check into:

Finally, we come to our last stop during this little tour.  For those of you who have military ties, past or present, or those that enjoy military history, the Ohio Military Museum is a great venue to explore. 

The OHIO MILITARY MUSEUM, INC was founded in 1983 and established in the heart of Massillon ,Ohio. It is the only state non-profit military museum owned and operated by the veterans of Ohio. The goal of this society is to honor individual people from Ohio who have fought for the the United States of America in all wars. This includes those who have lived in Ohio, or have served in Ohio Military units of all branches of the Armed Forces, National Guard and Reserves.The individuals who are honored here include those who have died in combat, those who continue to dedicate their lives to our country, and those who have retired from the service.

For more information, please check out:

That’s all for now.  I will be updating this feature regularly.  Please feel free to email me with any comments or suggestions of your favorite locations!  I would love to add them to the list!

Akron Santa Claus Proposes Marriage!

Akron Santa Proposes Marriage

I saw this story this morning on (Cleveland Channel 3):

A Santa Claus proposes marriage

Created: 12/24/2007 1:35:53 AM
Updated:12/24/2007 7:18:12 AM

AKRON — A local man switches places with a mall Santa Claus and surprises
his girlfriend with a marriage proposal.
This afternoon our news desk got a call from a viewer named Shawn Bammer 
telling us to send a camera to Chapel Hill Mall, here’s why.

Shawn dressed up like Santa Claus because he knew his girlfriend would be

waiting in line to sit on Santa’s lap.

Before Bethany Moneypenny got up to the front of the line, Shawn and

the “real” Santa switched places.

Bethany unaware of the switch was surprised by Bammer asking for her

hand in marriage. She said yes.

Photo credit:  (