An New Way to Dine – Table Clothing Optional!

I found this interesting design concept on BizBash New York.  Enjoy!

Table Linens Not Required

                         Party Rental Ltd.'s new square tables are covered in faux leather.
Party Rental Ltd.’s new square tables are covered in faux leather.
Photo: Courtesy of Party Rental Ltd.



You can cut linens from the budget by renting the new Parsons table from Party Rental Ltd. Part of the company’s new spring line, the 66-inch square table has a sturdy wood frame and is covered completely in a shiny faux-leather material, with a textured surface that eliminates the need for tablecloths.

The tables come in black, white, and bark and can be rented in the New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C., areas, with prices available upon request.   

—Danielle O’Steen



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