Break the Ice at Your Guest Tables!

Chirp, Chirp, Chirp!    Do you hear the sound of crickets in the background?  That’s the sound of awkward silence at your event or wedding reception.  Avoid this at all costs!!  Seriously, why not encourage conversation at your tables, beyond the usual “What do you do for a living?”, or “Don’t you love the decorations?”  Why not have a trivia game going at each table?  It could be as simple as a list of “Did you know?” questions about the couple, with the answers on the back, or you could have certain VIP guests ready with the answers, and the other guests must go to each person to gather the answers.  You could have questions about the local area the wedding is held in, if it’s a touristy spot, or about locations the couple has visited.  You could even offer some type of small dessert or prize to the guest that gets the most answers correct, or the most answers in a specific amount of time.  This is even fun to do during the cocktail hour, when most guests are chatting with others anyway. 

Below are some examples of trivia games you can share with your guests:

Wedding Bingo

Wedding Word Searches or Scrambles

Bridal Mad Libs (Note: this could get a bit snarky, so try to keep it clean!)

Wedding Crossword Puzzles

Six Degrees of Separation (Bride and Groom Style)

A Scavenger Hunt about the bride and groom, with only verbal/written clues or answer sheets.  There’s no need for actual physical items.


Green Tip:  Use recycled paper, organic inks, and local printers for your paper goods.  Save money, time, and have fun!

There are lots of other ideas for icebreakers, but these will get your guests mingling and talking, and your event will be remembered long after it’s over.  You never know what connections will be made between people, just from a simple conversation.  Enjoy!!


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