Proposals of all kinds! How will you ask?

What’s on our minds this afternoon?  Proposals!!  There are all kinds, from asking your sweetie to go to the Prom, to asking your BFF’s to be your bridesmaids, to asking the love of your life to marry you!   We have lots of great ideas and would love to help you plan and carry out your special proposal!  Call us today at 330-313-6030, email us at, or message us.  We Will Say Yes!!


It’s National Proposal Day!!


Gentlemen!!  Today is National Proposal Day!!  So if you were thinking about popping the big question to your lady love, today is the day to do it!  Ladies!! Don’t feel that you have to wait for that moment either, why not turn the tables and ask your man??  Either way, spread the love!!  Don’t forget to contact us when you are ready to celebrate!!  We would love to help you with your engagement party, bridal showers, rehearsal dinner, and wedding planning, just contact us!


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Crafting the perfect romantic proposal? We can help!


For all the gentlemen and ladies out there: 

Are you considering popping the question to your sweetheart?  Not sure how to go about it?  We can help!  We would be honored to help you craft the perfect romantic proposal of marriage! 

Please contact us today, and let us assist you in one of the most memorable moments of your lifetime. 

The first 5 people to contact us will also receive a free gift!!

Call us at (330) 313-6030 or email us at