Classic Elegance – An Inspiration Board

“Everything old is new again”, “vintage”, “retro”, or even “what goes around comes around”.  These are phrases you may hear or think of when it comes to planning a vintage or victorian inspired wedding.  With a simple, yet striking and sophisticated, black and white or ivory color scheme, it goes to show that basic is not boring, and neutrals are never out of style.  In this inspiration board, I have used several accessories, such as the feather fascinator, and the detailed ring pillow, to demonstrate that the smallest details can make a stylish impact.  You could add a pop of bright color to break up the black and white, such as lime green, taxicab yellow, or fushia.  Or you could soften this pallete with the palest shades of pink, blue, or lavender.  The results will be visually arresting, and highly memorable.  Enjoy!!


The Big Picture from a Little Projector!

I found this little gem on BizBash New York.  What a great little gadget for a great price!!  Enjoy!!




THE SCOUT   12.15.08 10:00 AM  
A Pocket-Size Projector
                                                                         Optoma's Pico Projector can be plugged into hand-held devices.
Optoma’s Pico Projector can be plugged into hand-held devices.
Photo: Courtesy of Optoma Technology Inc.



Optoma Technology Inc., a California-based projector and digital display product manufacturer, is set to release today the Pico PK-101, a four-ounce compact projector that connects to iPods and Smartphones to project videos, pictures, and other graphic content onto any surface. Ideal for on-the-go meetings or impromptu presentations, the product can magnify images to as large as 60-inches diagonally, and project them as far as eight and a half feet away. Priced at $399.99, the Pico can be purchased at Amazon and Best Buy

  —Lourdes Branch

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