A Poem for Brides and Their Moms!!

Hello Everyone!!  

I wanted to share a very sweet poem that was written by my dear friend Terri.  Enjoy!!


Submitted by: Ilove2scrapit
She’s been dreaming
’bout her wedding dress
since she was a little girl..
white with lace, and flowing,
accents made of pearl
Mother watches daughter
trying on the dresses….
her daughter’s now a future bride
and the older one confesses,
she sees that little girl, again..
her eyes sparkling with joy,
playing bride in bedroom sheets
and dreaming ’bout a boy….
She grew up…she met a man
who swept her off her feet..
they fell in love, he proposed to her,
and now her life’s complete…
Daughter’s eyes are dancing, now..
she’s found the perfect fit…
mother smiles proudly..
This one’s surely it..
Daughter turns to mother
“I love it-watcha think…??”
mother grins , she loves it too,
then gives the girl a wink..
And in that very moment,
mother sees the change occur,
standing, now,in front of her
a woman – not a girl.
Posting can be found here as well:  http://www.scrapbook.com/poems/doc/39985/163.html

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