Purple Haze – An Inspiration Board

Purple Haze Inspiration Board

I felt it was time to add another inspiration board to my growing collection.  Shades of purple and silver have been favorites of mine to use for some time now.  It’s a very regal combination, and can be used in every season of the year.  In the spring and summer, you can use lavender and lilac.  In the autumn and winter months, you can use plum, royal purple, eggplant, slate and charcoal grey, and pewter.  Around the Christmas holidays, you can jazz things up with jewel tones and sparkling silver.  The possibilities are endless. 

I see this board as being used for a late summer to mid-winter affair, with colors and textures being rich and plentiful.  A true feast for the senses.  This is where you can indulge in velvets, satins, silks, and lush bouquets of calla lilies, roses and other blooms.  Imagine the walls of your event venue being splashed with washes of red and blue lighting to compliment your tables.  Picture your event with lots of romantic candles everywhere, and the heavenly scent of your flowers in full bloom, atop gleaming silver candleabras, and shimmering tableclothes.  Sound good?  I can’t wait to bring my ideas to life!  Enjoy!


Holly & James – An Engagement Announcement

Holly and James


I am pleased to announce the Engagement of Holly and James.  This lovely couple will be married in early May 2009, in an afternoon ceremony, at the Kidston Pavillion of the Fellows Riverside Gardens, located within the Mill Creek Metroparks in Youngstown, Ohio.  The reception will take place afterwards at Bruno’s Restaurant & Catering Facililty, located in Boardman, Ohio.  This intimate wedding will feature lots of natural elements, including the bride’s favorite daisies, and several handmade projects.  I can not wait to share all of the  charming, creative details with you after this event.  Best wishes to this wonderful couple!