Brides Magazine has gone Postal!!

I found this little gem on BizBash Washington D. C..  This is a totally cute idea for shower and bachelorette party invitations and favors, and for those of us who are collectors of all things bridal and fabulous!!  Enjoy!!



For Useful Gifts, Brides Goes Postal
Brides magazine's gift bags included a sheet of customized photo stamps.
Brides magazine’s gift bags included a sheet of customized photo stamps.
Photo: BizBash

Customized photo stamps aren’t new, and postage might sound like a common enough item, but how often do you receive a gift bag with something truly useful? Carolyn Chauncey, executive director of creative services at Brides magazine, chose to include stamps adorned with an assortment of past covers for the publication’s 75th anniversary celebration last Wednesday. Guests departed with a bag that included a sheet of 10 authentic U.S. Postal Service stamps (each with a value of 62 cents, a nod to the higher cost of postage for wedding invites). How’s that for an inexpensive, thoughtful, and effective way for attendees to remember your event? 

  —Mark Mavrigian

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