The Big Picture from a Little Projector!

I found this little gem on BizBash New York.  What a great little gadget for a great price!!  Enjoy!!




THE SCOUT   12.15.08 10:00 AM  
A Pocket-Size Projector
                                                                         Optoma's Pico Projector can be plugged into hand-held devices.
Optoma’s Pico Projector can be plugged into hand-held devices.
Photo: Courtesy of Optoma Technology Inc.



Optoma Technology Inc., a California-based projector and digital display product manufacturer, is set to release today the Pico PK-101, a four-ounce compact projector that connects to iPods and Smartphones to project videos, pictures, and other graphic content onto any surface. Ideal for on-the-go meetings or impromptu presentations, the product can magnify images to as large as 60-inches diagonally, and project them as far as eight and a half feet away. Priced at $399.99, the Pico can be purchased at Amazon and Best Buy

  —Lourdes Branch

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3 thoughts on “The Big Picture from a Little Projector!

  1. Thanks for the post. It definitely sounds cool, but I personally will be interested to see how well the Pico holds up. I bought a DV-10 projector and it was the worst equipment purchase I’ve made in a decade. It failed when I tried to use it at an event but fortunately I had a Toshiba there for backup. I griped to Optoma afterward and I did get some satisfaction but quite frankly, I’m am still a little leery of the company. In fairness, the DV-10 is a living room device and has proven itself not to be portable. Let’s hope this little guy holds up to it’s promise.

    I always recommend having equipment backup on site at an event, especially at a critical one such as a wedding. If this proves to be a good device it is certainly affordable enough to buy two…

    • Thanks for letting me know about your experience with similar items, and for the advice! I’m sure this will come in handy when choosing equipment for events. Please let us know how it works out for you.

      Kim Lehman

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