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City Sophisticated Inspiration Board

City Sophisticated Inspiration Board

I was wandering through pictures this morning on the internet, and I came across several fashion photos in my favorite color combination of charcoal grey and fuschia.  This is a great color pallette for weddings.  Flirty and fun without being too stuffy.  It also works year-round.  You can use a lighter grey shade in the spring and summer months, and in the fall and winter, deeper shades of the same color accented with silver.  This looks especially festive around the Holidays, or as a nice change for Valentine’s Day, instead of your usual reds and pinks.  Note that the wedding gown I have chosen is a pale silver color, instead of white.  Add lots of sparkly jewelry, and what a memorable look for an evening affair!  In the same manner for decor, add lots of small crystal details, and votive candles.  Sexy, smart, and sophisticated!  Enjoy!!

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