A Great Gift for the Sports Lover in Your Life!

I found this little gem on BizBash Florida.  I think it would make an excellent gift for any avid memorabilia collector, wedding party member or recent graduate, or tried and true sports fan.  I know my husband would appreciate such a gift, hmmm, perhaps I smell an idea for the Holidays?  Enjoy!!




The Write Gift 
   Color top ballpark pen salvaged from Wrigley Stadium
Color top ballpark pen salvaged from Wrigley Stadium
Courtesy of www.ballparkpens.com

















For the sports fan, the venue or stadium can be just as nostalgic as the players and game itself. Created by Dr. Bill Hartel, a Chicago Cubs fan and published author, Ballpark Pens are handcrafted from recovered wooden stadium seats of historical ballparks and football stadiums from across the country. The pen’s barrel and top disk are both made of authentic wood with the top even making use of the original paint from the stadium seats. Each pen-measuring about 5 1/2 inches in length-is laser engraved bearing the name of the park from which it was salvaged and the years the venue was in use. Each pen ranges from $180 to $260 depending on the stadium and collector’s prices for the seats and is shipped in a keepsake box with a certificate of authenticity. 

  —Brittany Peitsmeyer

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Source:  (http://www.bizbash.com/florida/content/editorial/e12387.php)


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