Meghan & Drue – August 23, 2008 – Professional Pictures

Finally, I would like to post some of the professional wedding pictures, taken by the wonderfully talented Corey Ann.  Meghan and Drue’s wedding was simply fabulous, and there were so many handcrafted details, I lost count at the end of the night.  You could definitely feel the love that was shared by this very special couple!  Enjoy!!

The following post was taken from Corey Ann’s blog:

Drue + Meghan 08.23.08

Meghan booked with me back in February and ever since I have been looking forward to this wedding.  Not only does Meghan have amazing taste but she is also super crafty and designed the entire wedding herself.  I’ve been stalking her blog since she told me about it and it’s been so exciting to see everything come together.  She’s been so much fun to work with and the day of the wedding she was such a beautiful bride!  Her hubby Drue is equally as awesome and was VERY tolerant of the incessant pictures 🙂 

Thanks to you both!!  It was such a wonderful event and you were all too much fun to shoot!!  CONGRATULATIONS!

Stay tuned for their day after session!!!!! 

Hotel (getting ready):  Embassy Suites in Downtown Cleveland
Beauty:  Jason Kelly Face Art
Florist:  Hosanna Designs
Florist (bridesmaids bouquet): Bride
Ceremony/Reception Site:  BP Tower in Public Square
Catering:  Frank & Pauly’s
DJ:  DJ Majette
Band (cocktail hour): Ray Porello & Fine Jazz of Jerry Bruno Productions
Linens:  BBJ Linens
Day of Coordinator:  Kimberly Lehman

Meghan had every little detail covered!  Her colors were white and black damask with a hit of shocking pink.  It was carried out throughout everything during the day. 


Meghan is the only bride that I know of that would still be working on her bridesmaids bouquets the day of her wedding (just over two hours before mind you) and not remotely be stressed about it.  To top it off – they were amazingly beautiful!

Meghan gets beutified by the amazing Jason Kelly.  If anyone wants their makeup done the day of their wedding (or just to look awesome) I highly reccomend him. 

Everyone that’s ever read my blog knows I’m a fanatic about shoes.  These shoes rocked my socks.  Meghan had a knottie friend hook her up and I’m so thankful to this person.  They made the perfect unexpected punch to the ensemble!

To my photographer friends – yes this is my Baroque Shootsac cover!!  The girls were spread out through the hotel and there really wasn’t any surfaces that were speaking to me to shoot so I whipped my cover off and used it for some detail shots.  This ring very much tickled my fancy so I grabbed  quick shot of it.

Meanwhile, my second shooter Thomas, was getting some shots of the guys getting ready.  Drue and his guys were chillin in their own suite getting ready.

Meghan wasn’t sold on her birdcage veil but between me and her bridesmaids we convinced her it was the perfect touch.

Another shot from my second shooter of the guys doing a toast in honor of Drue.

Miss Meghan knows how to WORK it!

This pic of the guys from Thomas cracks me up, I LOVE IT!  They went down to Cleveland Browns stadium for some shots.

Love this shot… she’s way too easy to shoot!

Talk about a dramatic entrance!

Thomas took this shot and it is one of my favs from the day!

Nothing like a smooch on a taxi cab!

Gotta finish with the bling shot!!!


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