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Autumn is here!!  I love this time of year!  The warm days, the cool nights, the fall foliage, football games, and snuggly warm fabrics.  I also love the colors: ambers, oranges, deep reds, golds, and plums.  I particularly love reds and plums in different combinations.  They make a wonderful palette for an evening wedding, or perhaps a homecoming or harvest ball.  Or, dare I even suggest it, a romantic setting for a boudoir?  I’ll let your imaginations fly with that suggestion.  In the meantime, picture a winery in the evening, with a blazing fire in the hearth, fabulous food, and good friends and family surrounding you with love and laughter.  Sounds good to me!  Enjoy!!

Happy Birthday to Me!!!


Well, another year older, another year wiser.  I hope!!  This last year has been full of challenges.  Some good, some not so good, and some profitable.  My business has been going well, and I hope it will continue to grow.  My family has grown by one very sweet exchange student, she is a great kid.  My own daughter has started preschool this year, so that’s been very exciting.  My husband, as always, is my best friend and partner.  And my family and friends are the best, and I don’t know what I would do without them in my life.  In many ways, I have been very blessed.

I want to celebrate this weekend with all of you dear readers.  Please feel free to post a comment!  Have a drink and some cake and share with me!  Cheers!!


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A Great Gift for the Sports Lover in Your Life!

I found this little gem on BizBash Florida.  I think it would make an excellent gift for any avid memorabilia collector, wedding party member or recent graduate, or tried and true sports fan.  I know my husband would appreciate such a gift, hmmm, perhaps I smell an idea for the Holidays?  Enjoy!!




The Write Gift 
   Color top ballpark pen salvaged from Wrigley Stadium
Color top ballpark pen salvaged from Wrigley Stadium
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For the sports fan, the venue or stadium can be just as nostalgic as the players and game itself. Created by Dr. Bill Hartel, a Chicago Cubs fan and published author, Ballpark Pens are handcrafted from recovered wooden stadium seats of historical ballparks and football stadiums from across the country. The pen’s barrel and top disk are both made of authentic wood with the top even making use of the original paint from the stadium seats. Each pen-measuring about 5 1/2 inches in length-is laser engraved bearing the name of the park from which it was salvaged and the years the venue was in use. Each pen ranges from $180 to $260 depending on the stadium and collector’s prices for the seats and is shipped in a keepsake box with a certificate of authenticity. 

  —Brittany Peitsmeyer

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Subway Terminal Gets Top Design Makeover
Retailer Takes Wedding Registry to Church

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Meghan & Drue – August 23, 2008 – Professional Pictures

Finally, I would like to post some of the professional wedding pictures, taken by the wonderfully talented Corey Ann.  Meghan and Drue’s wedding was simply fabulous, and there were so many handcrafted details, I lost count at the end of the night.  You could definitely feel the love that was shared by this very special couple!  Enjoy!!

The following post was taken from Corey Ann’s blog:

Drue + Meghan 08.23.08

Meghan booked with me back in February and ever since I have been looking forward to this wedding.  Not only does Meghan have amazing taste but she is also super crafty and designed the entire wedding herself.  I’ve been stalking her blog since she told me about it and it’s been so exciting to see everything come together.  She’s been so much fun to work with and the day of the wedding she was such a beautiful bride!  Her hubby Drue is equally as awesome and was VERY tolerant of the incessant pictures 🙂 

Thanks to you both!!  It was such a wonderful event and you were all too much fun to shoot!!  CONGRATULATIONS!

Stay tuned for their day after session!!!!! 

Hotel (getting ready):  Embassy Suites in Downtown Cleveland
Beauty:  Jason Kelly Face Art
Florist:  Hosanna Designs
Florist (bridesmaids bouquet): Bride
Ceremony/Reception Site:  BP Tower in Public Square
Catering:  Frank & Pauly’s
DJ:  DJ Majette
Band (cocktail hour): Ray Porello & Fine Jazz of Jerry Bruno Productions
Linens:  BBJ Linens
Day of Coordinator:  Kimberly Lehman

Meghan had every little detail covered!  Her colors were white and black damask with a hit of shocking pink.  It was carried out throughout everything during the day. 


Meghan is the only bride that I know of that would still be working on her bridesmaids bouquets the day of her wedding (just over two hours before mind you) and not remotely be stressed about it.  To top it off – they were amazingly beautiful!

Meghan gets beutified by the amazing Jason Kelly.  If anyone wants their makeup done the day of their wedding (or just to look awesome) I highly reccomend him. 

Everyone that’s ever read my blog knows I’m a fanatic about shoes.  These shoes rocked my socks.  Meghan had a knottie friend hook her up and I’m so thankful to this person.  They made the perfect unexpected punch to the ensemble!

To my photographer friends – yes this is my Baroque Shootsac cover!!  The girls were spread out through the hotel and there really wasn’t any surfaces that were speaking to me to shoot so I whipped my cover off and used it for some detail shots.  This ring very much tickled my fancy so I grabbed  quick shot of it.

Meanwhile, my second shooter Thomas, was getting some shots of the guys getting ready.  Drue and his guys were chillin in their own suite getting ready.

Meghan wasn’t sold on her birdcage veil but between me and her bridesmaids we convinced her it was the perfect touch.

Another shot from my second shooter of the guys doing a toast in honor of Drue.

Miss Meghan knows how to WORK it!

This pic of the guys from Thomas cracks me up, I LOVE IT!  They went down to Cleveland Browns stadium for some shots.

Love this shot… she’s way too easy to shoot!

Talk about a dramatic entrance!

Thomas took this shot and it is one of my favs from the day!

Nothing like a smooch on a taxi cab!

Gotta finish with the bling shot!!!

Meghan’s Bridal Pictures

Meghan had a bridal portrait session done during the week before her fabulous wedding to Drue.  These stunning images were captured by none other than Ted & Rachel of Linczak Photography in Parma, Ohio.  Meghan looks absolutely amazing in her gown!!  Enjoy!!

The following post was taken from the Linczak Photography Blog:

Meghan’s Bridal Session

Last week we had the awesome opportunity to shoot Meghan’s bridal session out at Kevin’s Martini Bar inside of Pickwick and Frolic. If you’ve never been inside of here, it is pretty decked out, complete with a glowing bar top and some killer retro decor. Meghan wanted something a little different for her session, so we figured the high fashion approach would be the perfect fit! She had no problem working the camera, and Rachel and I were psyched to be able to really mix it up with this session. We got the chance to play around with some different lighting setups, and since we don’t always get the chance to shoot most of our sessions indoors, it was a welcomed challenge! Thanks again Meghan for being such an awesome model! Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon!

Meghan & Drue – August 23rd, 2008

Photo credit:  Corey Ann Photography

I had the pleasure of working with Meghan and Drue on their wedding.  They are such a outgoing, sophisticated couple!  I really enjoyed seeing all of their plans come together, and sharing a great evening with their family and friends.  It was truly a stylish affair, with many personalized details.

Meghan & Drue were married Saturday, August 23rd, 2008 at Atrium on the Square in the BP Tower in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.  They had a perfect sunny day, with temperatures in the 80’s.  Pastor Henry Wallace officiated the ceremony.  The wonderful music was provided by DJ Adam Majette.  Corey Ann Photography provided coverage of the day’s events.

The ceremony and reception were held at the banquet facilities inside the Atrium, catered by Frank and Pauly’s.  This venue was divided into 2 distinct rooms for this event, each elegant and spacious.  Meghan and Drue’s ceremony was held in one area of the venue, with guests facing the walkway near the Atrium’s outer window wall, overlooking Public Square.  Meghan, hidden away from view from Drue and the guests, entered dramatically to Diana Krall’s “The Look of Love”.  The aisle was lined lavishly with 3 colors of rose petals, and several sizes of pillar candles in glass containers.  The altar was covered with a silver satin cloth, and several sizes of pillar candles.  To either side of the altar, were two tall arrangements of manzanita branches and vibrantly colored carnations.  The effect was very striking, and was repeated in the reception area, around the head table, and in tall centerpieces on half of the guest tables.  The other half of the tables were set with stems of orchids floating in tall vases.  The guest tables were set with silver linens from BBJ Linen, lots of candles in various sizes from small votives to tall creamy pillars, and stylish menu cards that Meghan designed herself.  Meghan also designed the easels on each table, that held cards nameing a location or date that was special to Meghan and Drue, during the course of their courtship.  Guests were directed to their tables after the cocktail hour, with the aid of Meghan’s beautifully made escort cards.  The large area beyond the guest tables was set for the group activities, such as the beautiful serenade to Meghan by Drue and his fellow fraternity brothers.  Amber uplighting was splashed onto the walls, giving the space an exclusive dance club feel. The upbeat, popular club music was provided by the talented DJ Adam Majette.  The Frank and Pauly’s staff were fantastic, providing all of the guests with exceptional service.  During the cocktail hour, guests were provided with a bountiful open bar, as well as being finely entertained by the Ray Porello and Fine Jazz Group, of Jerry Bruno Productions.  During the seated dinner, the guests had their meal served family style, featuring some of Frank & Pauly’s tasty signature dishes.  Flowers for the bride, parents, and gentlemen in the wedding party, as well as the stunning table centerpieces were created by the very talented Helene Piller and her staff of Hosanna Designs.  The bridesmaids carried lovely bouquets of roses that were assembled by Meghan and her ladies.    The real showstopper of the wedding was the spectacular 5-tier wedding cake.  The cake table was covered in sparkling silver lame’, decorated with lots of creamy rose petals and blazing votive candles.  The cake was a delicious confection with buttercream frosting, satin ribbon and sparkling diamond accents.  The cake topper was yet another of Meghan’s lovely projects:  the letters “M” and “D” entwined and covered in Swarovski crystals.

All evening long, I heard wonderful comments about Meghan’s hand created projects, and how beautiful everything looked.  While the guests were certainly right about the decor, I paid more attention to Meghan and Drue, how much in love they looked, and how they enjoyed each other.  They were positively glowing!  I could not be happier for this wonderful couple.  Congratulations and Best Wishes, Meghan and Drue!



Vendors:    Kimberly Lehman, Wedding Coordinator

                  Venue and Catering:  Frank and Pauly’s Banquet & Conference Center (

                  Linens:  BBJ Linen (

                  Rental Items:  Lasting Impressions Event Rentals (

                  Florist:  Hosanna Designs (

                  DJ:  Adam Majette (please feel free to email me for contact information)

                  Jazz trio:  Ray Porello and Fine Jazz, courtesy of Jerry Bruno Productions (

                  Photography:  Corey Ann Photography (


Photo credit:  (All pictures posted below were taken by me, and are copyright protected. Please click the thumbnail to view the larger picture.)