Meghan & Drue – An Engagement Announcement

Above photos courtesy of Ken Blaze Photography

Also check out his wedding photography at


 I am pleased to announce the engagement of Meghan and Drue.  They will be married in Downtown Cleveland this month.  They are planning an evening wedding, with lots of style and panache.  Feel free to check out Meghan’s wedding journey in her blog,  You can also check out her planning bio on the  (

I am looking forward to celebrating their wedding with them.  Congrats, and Best Wishes!  Enjoy!!


3 thoughts on “Meghan & Drue – An Engagement Announcement

  1. I came across your blog while searching for something else and I had to stop by and comment. I love the pictures!! They are great, very, very cute! They seem like a happy couple, so congratulations to them. And btw, I know this is an engagement announcement but if you/they ever need a wedding announcement, I’d recommend PhotoAffections. I’ve been working with them lately and they have great stuff. Anyway, again, great pictures, and congrats to them! 🙂

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