Good, Clean Fun! And a Cool Way to Get Noticed!!

With everyone and everything going green these days, companies need a way to stand out with their advertising to catch people’s attention.  Or, if you are promoting an event, how do you make it extra special?  There are several options, but I like this one, that was featured on BizBash Washington.  Enjoy!!




A Sky-High Way to Get Noticed
Photo: Courtesy of Flogos

You can draw attention to an event or promotion with cloudlike creations from Flogos, a new division of Snowmasters. Helium-injected biodegradable soap foam forced through a stencil by a generator results in high-flying designs that float thousands of feet into the sky—roughly
one design every 15 seconds. Standard shapes (stars, triangles, circles) start at about $2,500 for eight hours. Custom designs are an additional $500.   

—Mark Mavrigian



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One thought on “Good, Clean Fun! And a Cool Way to Get Noticed!!

  1. Flogos are now being distributed in the Metro Atlanta and surround areas. We are available and can produce shaped clouds for weddings, special events or grand openings, sporting events and corporate parties. If you are looking for the one unique effect that will separate you from the others, then flogos are a viable alternative. Call for specific pricing and dates

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    Roy Batson 770-530-2751
    Atlanta Georgia

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