Definitely not your typical tablecloth!

I found this wonderful idea in table linens on BizBash Washington.  I can’t wait to incorporate these into my next outdoor event!  Enjoy!




A Linen With Grassy Inspiration
                                     The Hirshhorn used Main Event Caterers' new tablecloths, printed with photographs of grass, for the opening of its exhibit The Hirshhorn used Main Event Caterers’ new tablecloths, printed with photographs of grass, for the opening of its exhibit “The Cinema Effect: Illusion, Reality, and the Moving Image.”
Photo: Elizabeth Dausch

Main Event Caterers‘ new grass-patterned linens are not your average picnic table coverings. The repeating print is taken from high-resolution photographs of grass—with varying shades of green and a three-dimensional look (which helps it blend in with the real thing at outdoor events). The all-cotton tablecloths can be requested in custom sizes, with rental prices starting at $50.   

—Danielle O’Steen


Response to Microsoft Launch Is Low on Wow
Subway Terminal Gets Top Design Makeover
Retailer Takes Wedding Registry to Church

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New Savory Treats!

I found these yummy treats on BizBash Los Angeles.  I can’t wait to order some!  Enjoy!




A Sweet New Gift Source
                                                                                                   Moonpillows' matcha mochi truffle pairs green tea mochi with green tea and white chocolate ganache. 
Moonpillows’ matcha mochi truffle pairs green tea mochi with green tea and white chocolate ganache. 
Photo: Tiffany Wu

Moonpillows fuses traditional Japanese mochi rice pastries with an assortment of ganache fillings to create its mochi truffles. The handmade confections are available in flavors ranging from fruity concoctions like tangerine and strawberry white balsamic to richer flavors like French roast and chocolate hazelnut. The company sets up shop at the Brentwood Farmer’s Market on Sundays and also offers its treats online in sets of 12 that are packaged in clear boxes and wrapped with sheer organza ribbon for $22.50. Flavors of the week are also available in assortments of three for $6 and six for $11.75.

—Rosalba Curiel


Response to Microsoft Launch Is Low on Wow
Subway Terminal Gets Top Design Makeover
Retailer Takes Wedding Registry to Church

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How to brighten up your Event with Flowers!!

I found this little tidbit on BizBash Florida.  These look like they would be wonderful additions to your next event.  Enjoy!



Flower Power
     Air-Flora decorative lights can be placed in a variety of arrangements.
Air-Flora decorative lights can be placed in a variety of arrangements.
Photo: Courtesy of Air Dimensional Design/Beguiled Events

The new Air-Flora inflatable flower-shaped lights from Air Dimensional Design provide subtle illumination while giving decor a big boost. The sculptural blossoms can be clustered along the edge of a stage, placed on trusses, or suspended individually or in groups over dance floors, lounges, or dining areas. Made of lightweight, flame-retardant nylon, the flowers come in all-white or white with pink edges and yellow centers (other customized colors are possible), and gels may be applied to bulbs to alter the color effect. The lights are also energy-efficient, with a 0.5-amp internal fan, and require 20-watt compact fluorescent bulbs. Rental costs in the U.S. start at $135 for the all-white three-and-a-half-foot-wide models; rentals for six-foot-wide versions start at $195.   

—Mark Mavrigian


Response to Microsoft Launch Is Low on Wow
Subway Terminal Gets Top Design Makeover
Retailer Takes Wedding Registry to Church

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How to make your Event look like you spent a fortune, for a lot less!!

I found this great article on BizBash Florida.  Its target audience is event planners, but there are some great tips anyone can use when planning a special event.  Enjoy!!


Saving Without Sacrificing 
Working within a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice great style and your creative edge. Here are some tips from planners, vendors, and BizBash to help you weather economic constraints.
Creating a fabulous floral arrangement, like this one by A La Carte Event Pavilion's staff, can be achieved on any budget. 
Creating a fabulous floral arrangement, like this one by A La Carte Event Pavilion’s staff, can be achieved on any budget. 
Photography by Chanele

A budget is often the first and last item considered when creating a one-of-a-kind event. Recently, though, event production companies, corporate and independent planners, and other industry professionals have stepped out of the proverbial box and into a wonderland of creative options to keep expenses in line and still deliver the wow factor.

CREATIVE USE OF COLOR. Creating a cohesive event atmosphere that is not only pleasing to the eye but also to the budget can be achieved by keeping all of your decor one color, thereby immediately giving ambience without extraneous elements. Everyone is familiar with the ever-popular “white party” concept that took the industry by storm a few years ago, but don’t forget about the myriad of other hues, shades, and variations of color that are readily available in flowers, linens, lighting techniques, and even with clever catering choices.

Tara Liaschenko of Link Event Professionals in St. Petersburg suggests asking attendees to wear a signature shade for a special event. She points out that many partygoers are delighted to become involved in the overall theme of an event and doing so also easily makes them part of the decor.

Often, elaborate (i.e., expensive) decor can take a backseat to creative (i.e., cheaper) use of color for events.

“When creating drama, color is your best friend,” says Ian Prosser of Botanica International Design Studio in Tampa.

Another color route to take is featuring a mixture of colors, often as many as five, with unique shades that lend themselves to creating a specific sense or emotional response-such as a “Hot Summer Nights”-themed event with red, orange, yellow, and pops of white. This option allows guests to walk into the space and immediately feel as if they have been transported into a new and distinct place-and that’s not even considering any music or entertainment.

DRAMATIC DECOR. Focus on the big picture to save yourself the heartache of working within a tight budget. Create one major focal point instead of numerous elements that could get lost or unnoticed. Whether it’s showstopping live entertainment, a jungle of borrowed plants, or the barely-there airbrushed costumes on models offering champagne, make it big, bold, and true to the sensibility you are creating.

Take a look at untraditional and underused spaces, such as a venue’s high ceilings. Consider filling that area, which would otherwise be empty, with larger-than-life design elements that bring attention to the grandeur of any venue-whether it is a standard ballroom or historical mansion. Many event production companies have ultramodern, stretch-fabric forms in various shapes that can be suspended above attendees. Employing otherwise unused ceiling space becomes a major focal point, so less money needs to be spent on a lot of smaller, less impactful details.

STRIKING LIGHTING. Transforming a space can be as easy as flipping a light switch. The best and arguably most cost-effective technique to achieve a spectacular event on a limited budget is good lighting. Working with experienced lighting technicians provides you with a plethora of design options, from affordable custom gobos, which can be made to project any image or company logo, to simple effects that simulate different times of the day.

“Accentuating the room with lighting is the icing on the cake,” says Prosser.

From the simple conventional lighting of architectural elements to the high-tech intelligent lighting throughout entire buildings, this medium can accommodate nearly any size or style venue-even outdoor spaces.

The outside of a venue is the first thing guests see. Lining walkways with candles or lanterns, or adding whimsical colored up-lighting on a grand tree can change the appearance of a less than ideal exterior or the popular venue that is frequently used for events, thereby personalizing your event with a customized look.

Lush arrangements can take a toll on already stretched budgets. But with these tips from some of Florida’s best event coordinators and florists, you can achieve the desired look and maintain a healthy financial balance:

  • Choose flowers that are in season during the date of the event. (Out-of-season florals are often more expensive.)
  • Greenery and botanicals are always price-conscientious options and create truly organic atmospheres.
  • Use multiple arrangements of inexpensive flowers instead of a single larger one.
  • Group similar shades of blooms to re-create the appeal of a pricier arrangement.
  • Create as many arrangements or centerpieces in-house as possible instead of outsourcing to another vendor.

GIFT BAGS. Gift bags, favors, swag, takeaways, etc.-no matter your terminology, these little presents given to attendees help ensure they remember your event after they’ve left. To double the benefits of your takeaway, consider upgrading its presentation from the traditional branded gift bag to an affordable, modern acrylic cylinder or rustic terra-cotta pot, thus making it part of the decor.

“Get the most bang for your buck-display and showcase gifts on the tables,” says Paula Wyatt of Posh-able Events in Orlando.

Look to the more nontraditional forms of entertainment to dazzle guests. Events are full of moving pieces. Just like in a game of chess, each of the vendors plays a role in making your event a success. So why not allow these players to educate attendees with fun factoids or a short Q&A session with the catering chef or wine sommelier? Many beverage vendors are more than willing to send a knowledgeable representative to conduct a brief lesson in fine wines for eager patrons.

A popular concept at events nowadays is the live artist creating masterpieces before your guests’ eyes. Though such freestyle artists can be too expensive for those working within limited means, local artists and college art majors can achieve many of the same results, and use the same techniques, at a fraction of the cost.

INVITING INVITATIONS. Almost everything is done online nowadays, and invitations are no exception. Many Web sites provide electronic invitations to be emailed to the provided addresses; but though it is a clever alternative to more costly paper invites, it’s important to know your audience before completely eliminating the art of the paper invitation. Many annual fund-raisers and galas have dedicated patrons that enjoy (and expect to be) receiving an elaborate invitation in the mail.

If this is the case and your invites must be mailed, consider these savvy saving ideas:

  • Use a postcard-style invitation instead of a bulky traditional invite with an envelope to save money both on paper and postage.
  • Work with a preferred graphic artist or printer to create the perfect invitation at an affordable price. Even with restraints, most vendors should be able to assemble an invitation that meets all your requirements within budget as well as make suggestions about products and styles.
  • Check the U.S. Postal Service Web site before sending, as there is an additional 20-cent non-machine-printable surcharge tacked onto mailers that are nontraditional sizes, too rigid, or exceed weight restrictions.

SETTING THE MOOD WITH MUSIC. Music is known for being linked to our most basic and powerful emotions, which can then translate into a distinct atmosphere. By contacting an experienced DJ with an expansive library of tunes, you can work together to select tunes that set the right mood.

Many planners often look to a signature piece of music or special sound effects to be played repeatedly during the cocktail hour or while guests are initially entering a specific space. In doing so, guests automatically respond to the mood, tone, and setting that’s being created and immediately eases them into your event.

Even though the budget you’re given can determine how much vendors’ prices will affect your planning decision, it doesn’t have to be the final word.

“Any planner can put on a great event if they have unlimited monetary parameters,” says Liaschenko of the Link Event Professionals. “The true test of an exceptional planner is if they are creative enough to put on a fabulous event within budgetary boundaries.”    —Avian Nobles Curtis

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My Own “Little Miss Liberty”!!

Hello Everyone!  I wanted to take a break from my normal posts, and as a ridiculously proud parent, share some great news about my daughter, Annika.  On the 4th of July, my daughter participated in the Annual Little Miss Liberty and Little Uncle Sam Pageant, held in downtown Massillon, Ohio.  My daughter was named the First Runner-Up!!  My husband and I are so in love with our little girl, and we couldn’t be happier that she has blessed our lives in so many ways. 

Here are a few articles in the local newspapers:

From the Jackson Observer-Reporter:

A little patriotism PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 10 July 2008

Observer-Reporter Photo

By Susanna Smith / Observer-Reporter

  Some may not think of dancing the Hokey Pokey as much of a talent, but it was the only talent that mattered in Massillon’s Little Miss Liberty and Little Uncle Sam pageant Friday morning.
Twelve girls and three boys fighting for their respective titles put their left foot in and their left foot out (as only 4-and 5-year-olds can do) on the Lions Lincoln Theatre stage in Massillon while parents cheered and snapped photos.
“I love working with little ones,” emcee and director Nicole Garlando-Bernes said. “I wanted to make the pageant fun for the kids, not just the adults.”
To accomplish this, there were no costume changes, no talent shows and no pressure. After the 15 youngsters lined up on stage, Garlando-Bernes squatted down next to the children and let them introduce themselves.
Then the music started and the little ones followed her lead in the Hokey Pokey and the Freeze dance. Except for the emcee’s announcement, no one could have guessed what the dances were since the performance consisted of jumping up and down and running in circles.
“They’re judged strictly on personality,” Garlando-Bernes said. “We’ll let the judges decide how to judge that.”
After judges selected Little Miss Liberty and Little Uncle Sam, as well as two runners-up in each category, Garlando-Bernes crowned the winners (with tiara and Uncle Sam hat) and handed out teddy bears to the top six. She reminded all other participants that they were winners, too, as she handed each a bottle of bubbles.
One of the three judges, Lynda Blankenship, said it was almost impossible to pick three kids. The process involved jotting down contestant numbers of eye-catching children, then comparing notes and seeing who caught the eye of more than one judge.
“I think Massillon is full of really, really cute kids,” Blankenship said. “Little sweethearts, every one. In my opinion, they all won.”
The kids began showing off their personality well before they walked across stage. Little ones wearing red, white and blue twirled in circles in the theater foyer while parents watched.
Four-year-old Jyannah Elder, practicing her beauty queen wave, looked at her mother and said, “I’m going to win because you want me to win.” In less than an hour, Jyannah made her mother proud as second runner-up.
A particularly twirly little girl, Chloe Cook, waved miniature flags around to show off her patriotism.
“Her aunt was in the very first pageant down by City Hall,” her grandmother said. “I bet that was 21 years ago.”
Previously, the event was part of the city’s annual July Fourth “Picnic in the Park” celebration, but the picnic hasn’t taken place for two years. Therefore, the Ananda Center, a non-profit advocacy organization headquartered at the theater, re-instated the pageant this year.
When winners were announced and parents were dismissed, 4 and 5-year-olds streamed out the lobby doors to blow bubbles. But the media held back the top six. This particularly distressed the first runner-up Annika Lehman, who grimaced through the photo shoot while badgering her parents about going outside.
When her father finally carried her to the front door, she said, “I feel really great, and I got bubbles, too! Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles …”
Crown or no crown, the 15 little pageant winners effervescently bounded back home ready to entertain their families with the un-restrained joy of a patriotic preschooler … and bubbles.

Little Uncle Sam: Gavin Gresser
first runner-up: Zachary Miller
second runner-up: Dominik Lanzo

Little Miss Liberty: Alyssa Yingling
first runner-up: Annika Lehman
second runner-up: Jyannah Elder

Staff photos by Susanna Smith.
Annika Lehman walks up the stage ramp to join her competitors on stage for the Little Miss Liberty pageant at the Lions Lincoln Theatre in Massillon Friday morning. Lehman was voted first runner-up.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 10 July 2008 )


From the Massillon Independent:


Kids’ pageant, bands, booms mark return of ‘4th’ events

Kevin Whitlock
Arionna Lantzer, 4, of Navarre, waves from the stage at the Little Miss Liberty and Little Uncle Sam contest held at the Lions Lincoln Theatre


The Independent
Posted Jul 04, 2008 @ 08:38 PM

Leading 16 children in the “Hokey Pokey” on the stage at the Lions Lincoln Theatre is a little like herding cats.
But somehow, on the Fourth of July, Nicole Garlando-Berens managed to do it.
All for the cause of resurrecting one of Massillon’s venerable Fourth of July traditions – the Little Miss Liberty/Little Uncle Sam Pageant.
“It’s been around for a long time, but they didn’t have it last year,” Garlando-Berens said. “We wanted to keep the tradition alive.”
Garlando-Berens, executive director of the non-profit Ananda Center, said the city’s Fourth of July committee approached her about co-sponsoring the pageant this year with the Lincoln Theatre.
She herself was in the pageant as a 4-year-old. “I had fun,” she said.
Parents who brought their children to Friday’s pageant said they, too, wanted to keep their memories alive.
Aaron and Jennifer Cook, of Massillon, entered their daughter, Chloe, 4, as a Little Miss Liberty contestant.
“This is the first year she was old enough,” Aaron Cook said, as Chloe twirled around waving a miniature American flag. “Now that they’ve resurrected it, we decided to do it.”
Melissa Bartolone, of Massillon, said her 3-year-old son was too shy to participate and another son had just turned 6, putting him out of the age range. The pageant was open only to 4- and 5-year-old boys and girls.
“I was forced to do it when I was little,” she said. “I just wanted to support it (this year).”
When it came time for the pageant to start, the girls lined up and walked on stage to “This Land is Your Land,” and the boys, all three of them, to “Yankee Doodle.”
After the “Hokey Pokey,” they did a “freeze dance” with Garlando-Berens’ help. Three judges – Massillon firefighter Jason Laird, Tigers cheerleader Kaylin Moustaris, and Kids Scene director Lynda Blankenship – watched and took notes.
“We just looked for the cutest kid and if they were enjoying themselves,” said Moustaris, 17. “They all looked like they were having fun. They were all so cute.”
In the end, the judges chose Alyssa Yingling, 4, as Little Miss Liberty 2008 and Gavin Gresser, 5, as Little Uncle Sam 2008.
Zachary Miller, 4, was Little Uncle Sam first runner-up, and Dominic Lanzo, 4, was second runner-up.
Annika Lehman, 4, was Little Miss Liberty first runner-up, and Jyannah Elder, 4, was second runner-up.
“She’s my Little Miss Liberty,” Dan Yingling said of his daughter, Alyssa. “She’s got a personality, like, this big.”
Kim Lehman said of her daughter, Annika, “She’s such a ham. She just loves this kind of stuff.”
Other activities on Friday were geared more toward grown-ups, especially the older set. The movie “Stars and Stripes Forever” played at the Lincoln Theatre at 4 p.m., and the Del-Riccos and ReUNITED played the CitiCentre stage, starting at 6 p.m.
Fireworks, a favorite for all ages, started at 10 p.m.


New “Green & Leafy” Dishes!

I found this little tidbit on BizBash Washington, and thought these were a fabulous idea!  Talk about a truly organic dining experience!!  Enjoy!




Eco-Friendly, Disposable Dishes Made From Leaves
                 VerTerra's nine-inch hexagon plates are made of 100 percent renewable plant materials.
VerTerra’s nine-inch hexagon plates are made of 100 percent renewable plant materials.
Photo: Courtesy of VerTerra

VerTerra, a new eco-friendly servingware line, features dishes, plates, bowls, and cups made entirely from fallen leaves and water—no plastics or chemicals. The pieces have a wood-grain look and are oven-, refrigerator-, and microwave-friendly. They are sturdy enough to be hand washed and reused, but will naturally compost in under six weeks. Retail pricing (for packs of 100) ranges from $70 to $90, and wholesale pricing is available through the company.   

—Lisa Cericola




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