Let them eat cake…and other goodies!

Now, I love wedding cake, so many choices of design, flavors and fillings.  But, I also love all other kinds of desserts.  There are so many choices, one can never eat them all!  I really like the idea of having a buffet of different dessert options for a wedding, whether with or without the traditional wedding cake alongside.

Abby on StyleMePretty.com posted this yesterday about dessert options.  They all look fantastic!  Enjoy!!

June 23, 2008

Wedding Cake Alternatives

As much as I adore wedding cakes, brides seem to be coming up with some pretty gorgeous alternatives. I kind of love the idea of a candy buffet, either in addition to or in lieu of a wedding cake. Here are some really gorgeous candy and dessert buffets that just might make you re-think the cake decision…


Top Row by Vanilla Bakeshop, Second Row by Rebecca Thuss, Third Row by Rebecca Thuss and Red Ribbon Studio, Fourth Row by Taste

I do think that it’s nice to have somewhat of a substantial dessert if you are skipping the wedding cake…maybe an array of fresh baked pies, a selection of great Italian pastries, a hodge podge of miniature cakes in your favorite flavors. Something that guests with a sweet tooth can really look forward to!


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