Michelle & Matt – May 24, 2008 – Professional Pictures

The following is the post from Tom Forrest’s Blog about Michelle and Matt’s wedding on May 24th, 2008.  Enjoy!

Michelle & Matt – 5/24/08

My weekend in Canton started with Michelle and Matt’s Saturday evening wedding at St. Michael’s Catholic Church. I felt bad for Matt, who was feeling under the weather during the ceremony and formal session. A real trooper, he bounced back pretty well at the reception. Michelle and Matt kept up with BE Mann (AKA The Energy Man), friend of the couple and “international music entertainer.” Seriously, this guy (seen jumping with the ladies below) is talented and knows how to make an event special. Great toasts, a hula-hoop contest and a dance-off between bridal party members (ladies won) highlighted a great night. Kimberly Lehman of Love, Laughter & Elegance: Wedding & Event Planning did an excellent job of coordinating the day.


 Link (http://tomforrest.squarespace.com/journal/2008/5/28/michelle-matt-52408.html?lastPage=true#comment1558395)


Thanks Tom, for sharing these amazing pictures with us!  Also, thank you to Michelle and Matt, for allowing us to share your special day!  Congratulations!!


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