Do you know your Wedding Trends for 2008?


As Wedding Season kicks into high gear, I always like to see which of the predicted wedding trends make a really big showing in my local area.  Several months ago, I posted some of the predictions for 2008.  Here is an updated list by

Did you know these trends for 2008?

  • Designers are pushing wedding dresses with alternative styles and necklines, but brides still favor the strapless gown.
  • The biggest trend for bridesmaids’ attire is the wear-again dress.
  • Couples still prefer traditional white wedding cakes, but custom-designed cakes are becoming popular.
  • Consistently designed invitations, save-the-date cards, programs, escort/place cards, menus, and thank-you cards are becoming trendy.
  • Cinematic videography is a new and exciting alternative to standard photography and video services.
  • Online photo showcasing, which allows couples, their family and friends to view, share and purchase wedding photographs is a rising trend.
  • Extravagant weddings that include big gowns, multiple wardrobe changes, towering lush floral centerpieces, gilded place settings, seven course meals, and elaborate desert displays are expected for 2008.
  • 1980’s fashion styles are popular, including textured dresses, bright colors, wide belts or sashes, big jewelry, and cover bands.
  • White gold and platinum wedding rings continue to outpace yellow gold.
  • Currently in style are antique wedding rings for men and women, as well as exaggerated, big, bold jewelry.
  • Destination weddings are growing in popularity due to all-inclusive packages offered by resorts and easy planning through their websites.
  • High-end kitchen gear and practical cooking items are currently popular wedding gifts.

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