A New Invitation Website!!

I found this website about invitations, courtesy of BizBash Los Angeles.  Enjoy!

A New Site for Online Invites
               An email invitation from Pingg
An email invitation from Pingg
Photo: Courtesy of Pingg

Pingg, the latest addition to the crowded online invitation market, offers a few handy new features for event planners. The site’s free invites are completely customizable: Users can upload their own logos, photos, and PDFs—or, for an extra charge, choose from more than two million stock images. Invitations, event details, and follow-ups can be sent via email, text message, Facebook, another Web site, or with actual print invitations sent through the mail.

Each event automatically gets its own ad-free Web page that can be customized with photos, videos, charity registries, Google Maps, news, RSS feeds, guest comments, and R.S.V.P. tracking. R.S.V.P. options include the ability to limit an event’s capacity and to allow invitees to bring guests or transfer their invites to others. Planners can also use Pingg to create and print guest lists for check-in at the door.   

—Lisa Cericola



Source:  (http://www.bizbash.com/losangeles/content/editorial/e10449.php)


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