Where to find great Spa Treatments!!


Have you been looking for a great place to pamper yourself and your bridal party before the wedding?  Or perhaps you want to treat your mom to a relaxing facial for Mother’s Day?  I have the best tool for you!  I came across this search engine in an email from www.successfulmeetings.com

WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: Take A Break—Anytime, Anywhere

Sometimes you just need a manicure. Based on time, budget, or personal preference, some people would rather pop in for a quick, practical treatment than spend the afternoon getting a mud wrap, massage, and water therapy session. PrettyCity.com allows visitors to search for day spas and salons in 33 destinations ranging from New York to Hilton Head Island, with a write-up of each facility. Although PrettyCity.com can find you a masseuse, the site has a heavier focus on salon treatments than others of its kind. The site also provides information on spa trends such as Japanese hair straightening and eyelash extensions and details on where to buy products in major cities—if you need M.A.C. in Chicago, Bath & Body Works in Detroit, or Bliss in San Francisco


Since I am located in Ohio, the only city listed close to me is Columbus, the state capital.  However, I am sure they will add more cities as time goes by.  But this is a great resource, and I can’t wait to check out all of the local listings!  Enjoy!


Photo credits: (www.prettycity.com)



2 thoughts on “Where to find great Spa Treatments!!

  1. Eyelash Extensions (Ohio) are a great way to make your natural lashes fuller. I have been doing eyelash extensions for over 2.5 years in the Toledo, Ohio area and it so nice to have a service that the larger metropolitan/Hollywood areas have. I receive questions all the time about eyelashes. My brides are booking now for their lashes and the whole party is booking their spa day. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about eyelashes at wwwweddingwire.com/eyelashesbydara.

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