Blossoms of Love – An Inspiration Board

Blossoms of Love - An Inspiration Board

I am currently enamored of Cherry Blossoms.  They are so delicate, in form and color.  You can accent the blossoms with blues, whites, pinks, greens, and chocolate browns.  The results are stunning.  I did not want to go overboard with an Asian theme.    Rather, I wanted to show how certain elements of a wedding, like a cake, invitations, and decor can enhance the mood, without being overwhelming.  The same rule applies for the bridal gown and attendants’ dresses.  The bridal gown has several soft layers, much like the way petals fold on a blossom.  The attendants’ dresses are feminine and floaty.  They appear much like flowers themselves.  The overall effect is one of beauty, grace, and elegance on a warm spring day.  Enjoy!