Couple Wins Wedding Atop Empire State Building!

Couple gets married at the top of the Empire State BuildingEmpire State Building, New York City
Couple wins wedding atop Empire State Building!

 Lynn Olszowy  

Created: 2/14/2008 5:40:17 PM
Updated:2/14/2008 8:24:27 PM
WADSWORTH — For Sara Ughrin and George Mostoller a traditional wedding just wouldn’t do.
“I don’t know why we never thought of having anything normal,” joked Ughrin.Ideas for a wedding location ranged from Niagara Falls, where the couple got engaged, to Progressive Field, where the pair will spend a bulk of their time this summer rooting on their beloved Cleveland Indians.Then Ughrin, who loves visiting New York City, thought of someplace else: the Empire State Building.

But the only day of the year you can get married there is Valentine’s Day. And this year sponsored a contest in which 14 couples would be chosen for a dream “wedding in the clouds.”

So without telling her fiance, Ughrin entered the contest – and the couple won.

Today Ughrin and Mostoller exchanged vows atop the Empire State Building as 15 family members and friends looked on.

Turns out it was Mostoller’s first visit to the New York City.

“It’s just unbelievable,” the groom said shortly after the wedding. “It’s now one of my favorite cities in the world as well.”

The couple plans to have a reception in Cleveland for family and friends who couldn’t make it to New York City.

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