Top Places to Propose At…

Good Day Everyone!  I am starting what will be an ongoing list of local places that are ideal for marriage proposals in our area.  I will eventually widen the list, to encompass more of Northeast Ohio, and beyond.  But for now, here are some of my favorites…

In Canton…..

The William McKinley Monument & Museum, and Monument Park

  This historic monument to late President William McKinley is nestled in several acres of beautiful parkland, overlooking the City of Canton.  Adjacent to the monument is the McKinley Museum and Presidential Library, which includes a very cool plantetarium.  Check out for more information.

Going along with the Presidential theme is our next stop, The First Ladies’ National Library and Museum.

  This set of locations, one which was the family home of Ida Saxton McKinley, houses the museum and the other serves as a research and education center.   For more information,

Continuing our tour of downtown Canton, The Palace Theatre is next:

  This historic theatre opened in the 1920’s, and has been home to thousands of events.  The interior is lush and majestic, perfect for a dramatic proposal.  Check out

For you sports fans, could there be any greater venue than the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

  This is a great place, encompassing history, sports, and interactive exhibits in an unforgettable experience.   Check out

The locations mentioned above would also be great places for weddings and receptions with a twist.  Check them out!

Next time, we’ll travel to Massillon for some of their best sites!


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