“As Visions of Sugarplums Danced in Their Heads…”

Hello Everyone!

The Holidays are upon us!  In this busy season of shopping, baking, wrapping, gifting, and general merrymaking, remember that there is love.  Yes, love is all around us: love for family, love for friends, love for our pets, and yes, love for love!  Statistically, more couples get engaged between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, then any other season of the year.  There are many holidays to choose from to pop the question: Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day.  Hopeful brides-to-be wonder, sometimes agonized, over whether their beaus will go down upon bended knee, asking the all important question.  Proposals can be simple or elaborate, but all are heartfelt, and more than a few tears will be shed.  It’s a wonderful moment, and will always be remembered.  It is with these sentiments in mind, that I anticipate the time period after the holidays, what I call “The Bridal Blitz.”  

Bridal retailers look forward to the onslaught of starry-eyed brides after the holidays.  It’s also no wonder that the bridal magazines have their largest issues at the beginning of the calendar year.  Love propels the wedding industry forward at an astounding speed.  Bridal shows pop up mere days after the New Year begins, and the vendors begin contacting prospects to book their services for the wedding.  Often, couples get caught up in the planning process, and the zillions of little details that inevitably go along with it, and forget to just enjoy being engaged.  I want to stress that it’s not all about the wedding, it’s about two people in love, who want to share their lives together.  I encourage couples to take time out, away from wedding planning, to reconnect and enjoy each other.  Take a walk, go for a really nice dinner and dancing, have a picnic in the park.  Go away for a weekend in another city, stay at a bed and breakfast, go to a concert or movie.  There’s lots to do, just like when they were first dating.  I encourage couples to talk, laugh, and dream.  Keep the flames of love burning.

I will make one final suggestion this holiday season.  Remember that love is all around us.  Life is a journey sweetened by love, and weddings are part of the journey.  (And hire a great wedding planner too, LOL!)


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