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Blossoms of Love - An Inspiration Board

I am currently enamored of Cherry Blossoms.  They are so delicate, in form and color.  You can accent the blossoms with blues, whites, pinks, greens, and chocolate browns.  The results are stunning.  I did not want to go overboard with an Asian theme.    Rather, I wanted to show how certain elements of a wedding, like a cake, invitations, and decor can enhance the mood, without being overwhelming.  The same rule applies for the bridal gown and attendants’ dresses.  The bridal gown has several soft layers, much like the way petals fold on a blossom.  The attendants’ dresses are feminine and floaty.  They appear much like flowers themselves.  The overall effect is one of beauty, grace, and elegance on a warm spring day.  Enjoy! 

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I found this article on Successful Meetings website: http://www.mimegasite.com/mimegasite/index.jsp

DESTINATION: Ohio’s Sweet Escape
Every March, Malabar Farm State Park in Mansfield, OH, offers a free Maple Syrup Festival. This year, groups can learn the history of Ohio syrup making on March 1-2 and 8-9, from 12-4:00 p.m. daily. A self-guided tour of the sugar camp and sugarhouse reveals the evolution of sugaring equipment and how maple sap is transformed into maple syrup. Visitors will explore the summer bell house, behind the Pugh Log Cabin, which is set up as an authentic pioneer cabin. Guests will also enjoy horse-drawn wagon rides to the sugar camp, provided by the Central Ohio Draft Horse Association. Malabar Farm State Park, which is a short drive from Columbus, Akron, and Cleveland, is the former home of novelist and conservationist Louis Bromfield, whose progressive conservation practices predated today’s sustainability practices. The tour will appeal to history buffs and “slow-food” culinary enthusiasts.

This sounds like a fun event, and one that could inspire you to use the venue for other events. Enjoy!

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Sweet & Sexy - An Inspiration Board

Orange and Blue – opposites on the color wheel, but put them together, and you have a gorgeous palette for a wedding or any other celebration!  This inspiration board has many influences: tropical, caribbean, Asian, touches of sweet whimsy, and sheer sophistication.  Enjoy!

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Are you planning to watch the Oscars on Sunday night?  Why not have a few friends over to join in the fun!  It’s not too late to have a fabulous party!  Here’s a few how-tos…

Decide on the Timeframe for Your Oscars Party

For a Preview Oscars Party

  • Begin your party at 5 or 6 p.m. and end at 8 p.m., sending your guests home in time for the actual award ceremony. If you are an avid Oscar fan, this is probably the best plan for you. You’ll have had fun with your guests, but will be able to enjoy the show in peace and quiet!

For an Oscars Viewing Party

  • Begin your party at 7:30 or 8:00 p.m. and end the party when the award show is over, which can be late!


However you choose to invite your guests to your Oscars party, encourage them to glam it up! Gowns, glitter and boas for the women, and black tie suggested for the men! When else will you be able to dress up like this on a Sunday night!

  • “Reel” Movie Film Tins – from take1.com (pictured at top) you’ll find tins in 6 sizes with prices beginning at $3.99 each. Write your invitation on a circular piece of paper cut to lay flat inside the tin. Gold and silver metallic confetti would be a fun touch!
  • Clapboard Invitations - order an adorable die cut two piece invitation from Paper Style depicting a movie “clapboard” attached with a black and white checked ribbon. (paperstyle.com, $18.50/10)

  • “You’re a Star” – this clever and unique box invite features a bowing gentleman figurine in front of a glittering silver star! Party details go inside of the box lid! (plumparty.com, $34/8)
  • Movie Film Invite – this is another cute variation on our first recommendation! Inside of individual film tins you’ll find 1 yard of yellow film that can be personalized with your party particulars. (plumparty.com, $24/set of 5)

Source:  http://www.busybeelifestyle.com/category/parties/oscars-party/

Here’s a list of general things you can do to set the stage for your party:

  • Buy, rent, or make a red carpet out of fabric or carpet remnants to welcome your guests at the door.
  • Before the big show begins, play the soundtrack from your favorite Oscar winning movie in the background.
  • Pretend that you’re one of the paparazzi and snap instant photos of your guests as they arrive at the party. Put them into cardboard frames that have been decorated with stars and give them as party favors.
  • Decorate with large silver and gold star cutouts, either purchased or homemade.
  • Use black, gold and/or silver tablecloths and napkins.
  • Decorate your table with star confetti and glitter.
  • Dangle unwound rolls of film from your ceiling.
  • Don’t plan a sit down dinner. You need food that can be eaten in front of the television balanced on plates.
  • Prepare an Academy Awards trivia game to play with your friends during the commercials. Award prizes at the end of the evening for highest and lowest scores.
  • Hand out ballots before the ceremonies begin. After tallying all the scores at the end, hand out awards for most and least correct picks.
  • Check out the official award website, oscars.org for the full listing of winners and nominees along with history and trivia.

 Source:  http://entertaining.about.com/cs/holidays/a/oscars2001_2.htm

Make Ahead Appetizers

Source:  http://busycooks.about.com/od/theweekendcook/a/oscarparty.htm

Oscars Hostess Gifts

Some nice ideas for your Oscar Party hostess include:

  • Cocktail Table Books – Lovely cocktail table books like The Academy Awards: The Complete Unofficial History or Four-Star Movies: The 101 Greatest Films of All Time.
  • DVDs - A DVD of a former Oscar winning film.
  • CDs – A CD such as Twenty Years of Oscar Winning Original Songs or the sound track to one of the nominated movies, see amazon.com.

Oscars Party Favors

  • CDs - Burn CDs featuring your favorite award winning songs! At dancemetonight.com, you’ll find a complete listing of songs that will definitely bring back some great memories: “Let the River Run” from Working Girl, “Take My Breath Away” from Top Gun, and “Moon River” from Breakfast at Tiffany’s to name just a few!
  • Framed Photos of Your Guests – If you do take photos as the couples arrive, frames will make a fun favor! An acrylic movie “clapboard” photo frame is perfect. (take1.com, $6.99)
  • Candy Filled Movie Tins – “Reel” Movie Film Tins, suggested above for invitations, can also be filled with gold and silver wrapped candies!
  • Splits of Champagne – For a quick and easy favor, wrap splits of champagne in cellophane bags. Tie with metallic star trim.


Some easy Oscars party dessert ideas include:

  • Champagne flutes filled with chocolate mousse
  • Star shaped cookies, decorated with icing and little silver candy beads
  • Bowls of chocolate truffles

Source:  http://www.busybeelifestyle.com/category/parties/oscars-party/

Use your imagination, have fun, and we’ll see you at the movies!!!

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Did you get engaged on Valentine’s Day?

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This story was posted on BizBash New York.  I love the lush displays of orchids!  I am inspired to try something similar for my next event.  We’ll see!!

More Inspiring Orchid Dinner Tabletops
With so many settings to explore, we had to share more unique ideas from the New York Botanical Garden’s Orchid Dinner. Here are 10 additional tables to check out.
Photo Gallery                             The Lars Bolander dining table blended larger-than-life mushroom sculptures with white orchids.
                            The Lars Bolander dining table blended larger-than-life mushroom sculptures with white orchids.                                                                        LMD Floral's undulating escort table was the first creation guests saw at the event.
                            Sebastian Li Events' bold pink-and-orange table featured a flamboyant explosion of phalaenopsis blooms.                                                                      Fête's towering waterfall structure included suspended crystal prisms and teardrops, along with a mirrored tabletop.
                            A slumped chandelier (placed as if it fell from the ceiling) intertwined with orchids, moss, and greenery on Carrier and Company's table.                                                                                    Jamie Drake of Drake Design Associates used rows of compact fluorescent lightbulbs (placed within a moss base) to contain orchid stems.
                            A bust of Persephone filled with a plethora of green and white orchid stems made a striking centerpiece at Richard Keith Langham's table.                                                                        One of the quirkier designs was an ordinary floor lamp topped with a cymbidium orchid lampshade, by Stephen Miller Siegel Architects.
                          Timothy Whealon Interiors created a stark tree centerpiece budding with orchids that stood in for leaves. Around its base was a small pool of water with live goldfish.                                                                    The white orchid arrangement by Ovando for the Thom Felicia and Safavieh setting was reminiscent of a winter tree.
LMD Floral’s undulating escort table was the first creation guests saw at the event.
Photo: Gustavo Campos for BizBash
Our story from the dinner is here.   —Lisa Cericola & Mark Mavrigian

Photo and Story Source: (http://www.bizbash.com/newyork/content/editorial/e9869.php)

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Hot for Dots Inspiration Board

Chocolate and Pink have been hot colors for weddings for some time now.  I paired them together in this board with a polka dot motif, and let my imagination run wild!  It’s a classically cute and fun theme.  This design scheme will work well for any event, not just weddings.  You could use this for a birthday, bridal shower, Mother’s Day Luncheon, or a graduation brunch.  Enjoy!!


I was browsing around on www.etsy.com, and saw these adorable invitations, that go so well with this board and the theme.  The designer is SlyFox Designs.  Check them out!

Retro Pink Wedding

Invitation and Reply


Retro Pink Wedding Invitation and Reply Card
This listing is a sample for custom printed wedding invitations. The flat invitation features layered cardstock, custom imprinting, and brown and pink polka dot design paper mounted on a strip of frosty vellum. The invitation measures 5 X 7 inches. Coordinating reply card measures 3 1/2 X 4 1/2 inches.
Link to SlyFoxDesigns:  http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=9276996

Want to comment on this item?
write about it in your Etsy blog (everybody has one)
Close to what you’re looking for, but not quite?
request a custom item from this seller using Alchemy

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Couples get married during local hockey game in Cleveland, OH.

This story was posted on WKYC Channel 3’s website in Cleveland.  Several couples were married on Thursday by Pastor Mark Bernard, a wonderful Pastor from Austintown, Ohio, that I have had the pleasure of working with.  What a fun experience this must have been, both for Pastor Bernard, and the couples getting married!!  The story follows below:

Couples get married during hockey game!

Created: 2/14/2008 10:02:24 PM
Updated:2/14/2008 10:22:07 PM
CLEVELAND — Not only was their champagne on ice, but their wedding ceremony was too!
Twelve couples who won a promotional contest sponsored by a local radio station tied the knot at the Lake Erie Monsters Hockey Game at Q Arena Thursday night.The ceremonies were performed during the intermissions squeezed in between hockey play and the zamboni cleaning the ice. They were short, but sweet. And they were all legal.

Reverend Mark Bernard of Austintown said the couples had to say “I do” and he had to hear each person say the words in order to comply with Ohio law. He also had to sign the wedding certificates.

Though some say getting married is unusual, it is legal and was celebrated by all who witnessed the blessed event.

Story and Photo Source:  (www.wkyc.com)

Website for Pastor Mark Bernard:  http://www.weddinguy.com/

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Couple gets married at the top of the Empire State BuildingEmpire State Building, New York City
Couple wins wedding atop Empire State Building!

 Lynn Olszowy  

Created: 2/14/2008 5:40:17 PM
Updated:2/14/2008 8:24:27 PM
WADSWORTH — For Sara Ughrin and George Mostoller a traditional wedding just wouldn’t do.
“I don’t know why we never thought of having anything normal,” joked Ughrin.Ideas for a wedding location ranged from Niagara Falls, where the couple got engaged, to Progressive Field, where the pair will spend a bulk of their time this summer rooting on their beloved Cleveland Indians.Then Ughrin, who loves visiting New York City, thought of someplace else: the Empire State Building.

But the only day of the year you can get married there is Valentine’s Day. And this year Brides.com sponsored a contest in which 14 couples would be chosen for a dream “wedding in the clouds.”

So without telling her fiance, Ughrin entered the contest – and the couple won.

Today Ughrin and Mostoller exchanged vows atop the Empire State Building as 15 family members and friends looked on.

Turns out it was Mostoller’s first visit to the New York City.

“It’s just unbelievable,” the groom said shortly after the wedding. “It’s now one of my favorite cities in the world as well.”

The couple plans to have a reception in Cleveland for family and friends who couldn’t make it to New York City.

Story Source:  www.wkyc.com

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Happy Valentine’s Day!  There will be tons of dinners taking place all over the world tonight, most over candlelight and great food.  Some will end with sweet desserts, some will end with a serenade or a dance, some will even end with a marriage proposal.

(Be sure to call me when that happens, I’d love to hear all about it!!)


Here are some great inspirations and resources for your Romantic Meal.

Bon Appetit!!





Photo credit: (http://media.canada.com/a1b51a79-8ee0-46df-9172-e2c14489c21f/valdinner2_375.jpg)

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